JOYFETTI Playlist: Motivated

JOYFETTI Playlist, Motivated - on, #JOYFETTI

15+ years of school can really instill some strong associations…

Like, May/June = end of school = summer vacation (now, hopefully some time off!)

& August/September = start of school = fresh start = new beginnings.

Watermelon and chia seeds on, #JOYFETTI

[Skinny snack ⇢ watermelon + chia seeds]

To me, a new beginning is an opportunity to reflect on what I want, and to go after it—kind of like setting my New Years Resolutions… It’s basically NYE in August, without a New Years kiss. ; ) ??

Minty on, #JOYFETTI #MintyMondays

[Minty getting reaaaaaal close w/ Lamb Chop ?]

So, I created this playlist to get me in the right mindset to knock-out my to-do lists (yes, plural, LOL) and accomplish my goals—plus, it makes for a kick-ass workout playlist!

Every song in this playlist makes me feel like I just chugged a Venti Ice Coffee—I feel motivated to take on the day and to get the most out of it.

Check it out on Spotify ⇢ JOYFETTI Playlist: Motivated

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I hope you enjoy it! : )