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Sunday Splash: holiday vibes & pups

If you’re in a pinch & looking for some quick ways to make your place festive for the holidays, I’ve gotcha covered!

Especially if we’re talking Christmas—Arrash is already planning out his santa costume for when we have kids lol talk about planning ahead. So Christmas is a very big deal here ; )

Obviously a Christmas tree will do the trick, but since Cubby started eating our indoor plant (the one in the pics below—it’s an outdoor plant now), we thought it’d be a good idea not to introduce another big tree into our place.

So, we’ve gotten crafty.

One of my favorite ways to get our place christmas-y has been with this pure maple syrup candle. It smells SO good. We got ours at Whole Foods but you can also buy them here. It has this really cozy, christmas feel to it.

[ This candle is so perfect for the holidays. ]

[ My lil’ Cubby bear ]

[ Buds & Cubs }

We’ve also been diffusing peppermint essential oil, which is really fun. It reminds me of candy canes.

Another fun touch? Hanging a wreath outside, on your front door. I love this because it gives everyone a festive feel right before they walk in. Also, the dogs can’t get to it lol. WIN/WIN.

& of course, Christmas music.

We started playing Christmas music the night of Halloween—literally after we got back from taking the kids (my niece & nephew) trick-or-treating lol. Crazy, right? Anyone else start super early?

Oh & our new dot has made this super easy. Alexa’s fun.

It’s basically been Christmas over here for the past month or so ; )

And if you’re looking for a fun recipe, try these nutella-stuffed nutella cookies. I’ve been making them for the past 3 years & they’re always a big hit. They taste like little nutella brownies. Give them a try & let me know what you think.

Okay, dish—how do you like to get festive for the holidays? xx


Here are some more pics with the dogs ; ) 

[ My lil’ Mint chip ]

[ My bud a buds ]

More festive vibes:

Did You Know? Teal Is the New Orange.



[ Teal pumpkin + JOY Consulting Co. business cards + cute bunny thumbtacks! ]


I didn’t get very festive for Halloween ( I did put out 3 white pumpkins next to the TV. LOL! Does that count? You saw them on Snap. ) BUT—if we lived in an area that got trick-or-treaters, I’d FOR SURE put out A TEAL PUMPKIN.

Here’s why:

FARE, which stands for Food Allergy Research & Education, is making Halloween more exciting & FUN for kids with food allergies through their “Teal Pumpkin Project“.

They explain:

“Every child should be able to experience the joy and tradition of trick-or-treating on Halloween. But kids with food allergies are often left out of the fun, since most candy is off limits.

FARE’s Teal Pumpkin Project helps make sure all children will come home on Halloween night with something they can enjoy. It just takes one simple act: offering non-food treats, such as glow sticks or small toys, as an alternative to candy.

Last year, households from all 50 states and 14 countries participated. This is a worldwide movement to create a safer, happier Halloween for all trick-or-treaters.”

To participate:


[ The Mint Ball! ]


[ Staring into the yonder. ]


Some of my favorite items to have on hand are bubbles ( YES, PLEASE! ), mini slinkies ( such a throwback, I love it! ), bouncy balls, temporary tattoos & fun stickers! Basically all the things we wanted in our goody bags when we were little, minus the candy.

Okay, SO! If you participate ( I hope you do! ) share a photo of your teal pumpkin on social & tag @JOYFETTI & @foodallergy so we can see!!

This year ( like I do most years, HA! ) we’re taking my niece & nephew trick-or-treating and then checking out the neighborhood where I grew up—the houses go ALL OUT there! I love it! We’ll do a little walky walky & a little sippy sippy ; ) I’ll share it on Snapchat so be sure to come along! ( username ⇢ JOYFETTI )

Happy ( almost ) Halloween!!!





[ It totally looks like she’s pooping, right? ]

Some fun items for trick-or-treaters:


The life hack every dog lover needs to know about…

The Life Hack Every Dog Lover Needs to Know

You guys, the other day I was brushing Minty and I had hair ALL over my legs by the time I was done.

I like to wear black, and she has a lot of white hair—so it was as if I dumped a ton of dog hair all over my black pants… It was definitely noticeable.

I had to take photos for work and didn’t have any lint rollers ( I need to restock ) so I thought: TAPE.

Luckily, I had packaging tape in my desk drawer.

So I grabbed it, tore a piece off ( multiple times ) and patted the sticky side onto my pants. It took the hair right off—it was amazing.

I shared it with you guys on Snapchat when I discovered it but I wanted to share it with you here because it was super helpful.

So! If you’re playing with a dog, or grooming your dog, and you get their hair all over you and don’t have a lint roller… Just grab some tape. It works so well!

If you have a life hack I need to know about, please let me know below, or comment on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook—I’d love to learn about it!


The Life Hack Every Dog Lover Needs to Know

( My babe cakes, Minty. )

The Life Hack Every Dog Lover Needs to Know About_p

( Good ol’ tape… LOL. )

Cute products I use for Minty:
( Yes, I picked mint colored products on purpose… HA! )

Minty Mondays: My Cinco de Mayo Photo Shoot & Story

Minty Mondays, My Cinco de Mayo Photo Shoot_from



Today, I ran away from two ( very cute… Mom says ) Golden Retrievers while on our morning walk. Yesterday I ran away from a roly poly, and a few days before that, the wind, so I think we’re making progress. Right?

Anywho… I have a very special treat to share with you today ( mmmmm…. Treattttt… )

My Cinco de Mayo photo shoot!

Mom was in Punta Cana during Cinco de Mayo, so we shared a little taste of the photoshoot on Instagram, Twitter & Facebookbut now… Here’s the whole shebang!

So, without further ado… I hope you enjoy it.

Minty’s Cinco de Mayo Photo Shoot & Story

[ Be sure to read the captions… ; ) ]

Minty Mondays, My Cinco de Mayo Photo

[ HEY!! Are we going to have tacos in this photo shoot!?! I’d like that… ]

Minty Mondays, My Cinco de Mayo Photo Shoot_are those for

[ Are those chicken tacos I smell…?! ]

Minty Mondays, My Cinco de Mayo Photo

[ Oh, they’re not for me…? ]

Minty Mondays, My Cinco de Mayo Photo Shoot_where are my

[ Why are you eating all of them? ]

Minty Mondays, My Cinco de Mayo Photo Shoot_does it smell like

[ Well… I smell some of my treats down there… *Hint*… *Hint*… *Wink*… *Wink*… ]

Minty Mondays, My Cinco de Mayo Photo


Minty Mondays, My Cinco de Mayo Photo Shoot_what are

[ What are you? ]

Minty Mondays, My Cinco de Mayo Photo Shoot_are you a

[ Are you a dog…? ]

Minty Mondays, My Cinco de Mayo Photo Shoot_close

[ I checked… He’s not a dog. ]

Minty Mondays, My Cinco de Mayo Photo

[ Mandatory blinking photo… Mom didn’t tell me to say “cheeeeese”. Mmmm cheese… Let’s eat & then sleep. It’s almost nap time. ]

Minty Mondays, My Cinco de Mayo Photo

[ I heard treats fall out of his butt. ]


 Shop the photo shoot:

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's

Happy Mother's

Happy Mother's

[ Peek-a-boo! ]

Bita + Minty

Happy Mother's

[ <3!! ]

Fun chalk items:

Minty Mondays: Blankets.

Minty Mondays_fluffy

[ If it’s fluffy, I need to be on it. ]


Moms been sharing cute stationeryOffice suppliesLaundry bags… Yada yada yada… But you know what’s MOST important when it comes to home design?



The fluffier the better.

If there’s a fluffy blanket out there, you bet you can find me on it! Call it magnetic love. Call it magnetic attraction. Call it whatever you want. I love a good blanket!

Do you have a fluffy blanket in your life? If you don’t, you definitely need one.



Minty Mondays: I Want to See Your Pet Pics!

Minty on hearts bed_National Pet


Happy Monday—& Happy National Pet Day ( another day to celebrate me & my furry friends… LOVE! ; ) HAHA! )

I’d love to see pics of your pets ( & so would mommy ) so comment on my Instagram ( or if you made him / her an IG account, tag them ) so I can take a peek! Pretty pleaseeee?

I’ve had a busy day of naps and it’d be nice to have some cute pics & vids to enjoy before my next one.

Have a great week!


Minty Mondays: Working on That Summer Bod

Minty Mondays_Working on That Summer

By eating raspberries… ; )

LOL, mom’s cranking up her workouts & eating healthier to get that summer bod, but I’ve got a perfect poof all year round.

BUT—I am supporting her.

I eat fruits & veggies with her ( the kinds that are safe for pups ), & even salmon ( steamed for me! )—and when she’s working out,  I nap or play REAL close so she doesn’t miss me while she breaks a sweat.

If you’ve been following along on Snapchat ( UN ⇢ JOYFETTI ) you know I’m not the besttttt running buddy, but I DO try. HAHA. Sometimes.

When I get tired, she carries me in her arms… That’s a good workout for her triceps/biceps! ; )

Lots of love! Have a great week!


Minty Mondays: Happy Easter!!

Minty Mondays_colorful balls instead of colorful

[ Colorful balls instead of colorful eggs! ; ) ]


I hope you all had a fun-filled easter weekend!

Mom didn’t dress me up for Easter ( I ran freely in my BIRTHDAY SUIT )… & I’m thinking maybe it’s because I walk like a bunny & hop like a bunny?!

I also eat lots of carrots. ; )

Anywho, LMK how you celebrated—tag me in your pics ( @MintyMondays ) so I can take a peek! : )

xx! <3,

cadbury for

[ From mom’s Instagram ( @JOYFETTI ) ]


Minty Mondays: I Heart Raspberries

Minty loves her

One for you… Two for me.

One for you… Three for me. ; )

I LOVEEE raspberries!

I’m kind of a picky eater—I like variety… Not eating the same thing everyday

BUT! I almost always finish my raspberries because they’re SO good!

AND, mommy says they have antioxidants… ?!? Not sure what those are, but they’re yummy.

What kinds of food do you like!? LMK below, or comment on mom’s Insta… She needs suggestions! ; )


xx! <3,

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