SUPERFOOD SPOTLIGHT: Chia & Ground Flax Seeds

Chia & Ground Flax Seeds on JOYFETTI

Ever since I discovered the health benefits of chia and ground flax seeds I sprinkle them on EVERYTHING.

Here are the 3 big benefits that stand out to me:

They’re rich in…

+ Omega-3 fatty acids (ALA)

+ Fiber

+ Magnesium


Chia and ground flax seeds_IMG_4639

So, here are some fun, easy ways I incorporate these superseeds into my eats and sips!

I add them to:

+ Smoothies

+ Peanut butter (<< more on this tomorrow—can’t wait to share this one!)

+ Kombucha (<< I love GT’s raspberry kombucha with chia seeds)

+ Oatmeal

+ Jam/jelly

+ Yogurt

+ Granola/cereal

+ Protein shakes


How do you get your chia/ground flax seed fix?


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