How to store cilantro in the fridge

I love cooking with fresh herbs and using them for garnish. They add so much flavor to a dish (or cocktail) & make the presentation beautiful.

For a long time, I was hesitant whenever I’d buy fresh herbs because they’d wilt and go limp soo quickly in our fridge—I didn’t want to waste them.

Then I figured maybe it’s HOW I’m storing them—maybe there’s a better way to keep them in the fridge so they can stay fresh longer. So I Googled it!

One of my favorite herbs to use in food is cilantro. I learned that if you put cilantro in a mason jar & add water, and store it in the fridge like that, that will help keep it fresh longer. So I tried it—& it works! Another tip that works for me, is sometimes I’ll chop up the cilantro as soon as I bring it home & I’ll store it in the fridge in a glass container. So those are 2 ways to store your cilantro in the fridge to keep it fresh longer.

When I buy fresh cilantro I do one of these 2 things as soon as I bring it home:

  1. I chop it up and store it in a glass container, or…
  2. I put it in a mason jar with water

I do the same thing with green onions/scallions, too. It works for them also!

What other tricks do you use to keep your produce fresh longer? Let’s hear ’em : )


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Glass containers & mason jars:

I use the Rubbermaid Produce Keepers They are great! Bell pepper, lettuce, zucchini, even homemade bread and quick breads. Snap ware works great, too