Minty Mondays: Working on That Summer Bod

Minty Mondays_Working on That Summer

By eating raspberries… ; )

LOL, mom’s cranking up her workouts & eating healthier to get that summer bod, but I’ve got a perfect poof all year round.

BUT—I am supporting her.

I eat fruits & veggies with her ( the kinds that are safe for pups ), & even salmon ( steamed for me! )—and when she’s working out,  I nap or play REAL close so she doesn’t miss me while she breaks a sweat.

If you’ve been following along on Snapchat ( UN ⇢ JOYFETTI ) you know I’m not the besttttt running buddy, but I DO try. HAHA. Sometimes.

When I get tired, she carries me in her arms… That’s a good workout for her triceps/biceps! ; )

Lots of love! Have a great week!