10 items to buy from the Whole Foods Beauty & Body Sale this weekend

You might already know I’m obsessed with Whole Foods. I love shopping there—I get a lot of my beauty, skincare, & body products from there too!

The other day I saw an email from Whole Foods about their beauty & body sale this weekend & I knew it was the perfect time to share some of my favorite beauty & body products I get there that I use all the time & LOVE!

If you haven’t heard about the sale yet it’s Friday, 11/16 to Sunday, 11/18 & all (ALL!!) their beauty, skincare, & body products are 25% OFF! Soooo fricken sweet!

So here are 10 items I highly recommend & think you will absolutely love!

1. Whole Foods organic sweet almond oil

I use this oil allll the time! I wash my face at night & put this sweet almond oil all over my face before getting into bed. I like to put it on my body too—& sometimes I mix it into my body lotion in my palm before I moisturize my body.

Note: I don’t have oil on my face during the day when I’m out & about… When we were in Paris a couple years ago, I put oil on my lip after we got off our flight & got to our hotel, because my lips were so dry from the flight, & then we walked around outside & my lips legit BURNED—it was so painful—so you’ll want to avoid that!

I love putting oil on at night, right before getting into bed—it’s AMAZING & so hydrating! : )

I also use sweet almond oil on the ends of my hair when they’re feeling a little dry—sometimes I pour a little bit of oil in my hand & mix it with a few drops of grapefruit & tangerine essential oils (also on this list) & then apply it to my ends. It makes my hair smell sooo good & the oil really helps hydrate my ends.

I also use it as a makeup remover!

2. Whole Foods grapeseed oil

I love using grapeseed oil as makeup remover. It has Vitamin E in it too, which I love & is such a bonus!

3. Soothing Touch sandalwood massage oil

This massage oil is so relaxing! Even the scent is relaxing!

You can put together a fun at-home spa experience with it or spa date night. Ahhh!!! Sooo nice!!

4. Heritage Store rosewater spray

I keep this on my nightstand & spray my face with it as I get out of bed in the morning. It’s such a nice, refreshing way to start my day!

Sometimes I’ll spray it in my hair, or I’ll spray my hairbrush with it before I brush my hair—it makes my hair smell so good!

5. Everyone apricot + vanilla lotion

This lotion is amazinggg!! I love the scent & it goes on super smooth! Definitely obsessed with it! : )

6. EO orange blossom vanilla hand cream

My hands have been super dry & itchy the past couple of months—I think it might be from all the hand sanitizer we use… My skin is really sensitive—so I started looking for a hand cream to help soothe & hydrate my hands… I tried this one & QUICKLY fell in love with it!

It has the most dreamy, amazing scent & it goes on so smooth & it’s deliciously creamy.

I keep it on my nightstand so I put it on right before getting into bed at night, & I’ve been applying it during the day too. The scent reminds me of an orange creamsicle—so fun!

7. Nemat vanilla musk perfume oil

This perfume is such a hidden gem! If you love vanilla scents (I clearly do lol), you will love this! It’s cute, petite, & smell great!

8. Whole Foods grapefruit essential oil

Essential oils are great for diffusing in an oil diffuser and also for using in a carrier oil (like sweet almond oil or jojaba oil) for your hair.

Grapefruit & tangerine are two of my favorites because I love the fresh, revitalizing scent & the experience I have with them—so nice!

One way I love to use these is to mix them into sweet almond oil (or jojoba oil—it masks the jojoba smell really well) & use them on the ends of my hair when they’re dry. I pour some oil into my palm, add a few drops of the essential oils, mix it around & apply it to my ends. It makes my hair smell amazing & the oil helps hydrate my ends.

9. Whole Foods tangerine essential oil

Same with this tangerine essential oil—this is great for using in an oil diffuser or in a carrier oil on the ends of your hair.

I love tangerine! & the mixture of tangerine & grapefruit is so good! I love citrus scents—they really wake me up & keep me feeling fresh & alert, in the best way.

When I was in middle school or high school I would put orange peels on my desk as I studied to help keep myself awake & alert bahahahaa. I love the smell!

10. Cocokind organic chlorophyll face mask

I’m constantly talking about this mask lol. I’m obsessed with it! You might’ve seen this IGTV I did with it earlier this year.

The ingredients in this mask are so minimal & simple, you can eat the mask—yeah, you can eat it! I haven’t, but it is edible lol.

I love to use this mask & then wash it off while I’m in the shower. It makes my skin look & feel AMAZING! Smooth & silky & glowy—ahhhh!!! I love it so much! I highly recommend it!

LMK how you like these, & what other beauty/skincare/body items you love from Whole Foods!

Chat soon!!


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