What to Wear in Tahoe / Ski Trip Must-Haves, on the Slopes

Under Armour Black Leggings | The North Face Black Jacket | The North Face Purple Ski Pants | GIRO Reflective Ski / Snowboarding Goggles | Smith White Ski / Snowboarding Helmet | Softlips Vanilla Chapstick | Goody Thin Black Hair Ties (so you can wear your hair in pigtail braids while skiing/snowboarding) | The North Face Black Ski / Snowboarding GlovesLong, thick Socks (so you don’t get bruises from the ski boots ; ))


Here are my must-have picks for skiing/snowboarding. Aside from the socks & goggles (which I’m getting for our next ski trip), these are all items I wore/used on our last trip—and I loved them all!

I’m especially obsessed with The North Face pants because they’re super fitted, which I found isn’t that easy to find. HA! So, if you like that fitted look, you’ll LOVE these. : )

OH! & The North Face jacket is 30% off—So snag it before they sell out.

Okay, I’m off to bed! : )

Sweet dreams & stay tuned for more ski trip must-haves for when you’re out & about in The Village.