Quick snack: banana + peanut butter + chia seeds + hemp seeds (& fun fruit/veggie cutters)

You know what’s fun? When you can make a simple snack a little more exciting, especially for a kid—Like it’s fun how exciting a flower shaped fruit/veggie can be for them—& honestly, I love it too.

Do you know the IG account & vegan restaurant in Bali, Kynd Community (@kyndcommunity)? I go crazy over their cute fruit letters & messages in their smoothie bowls. I’ve never had their food because I haven’t been to Bali yet… keyword YET, I’d LOVE to go! But I’ve been told their food is amazing & it looks absolutely amazing on Instagram too. Plus, it’s good marketing. Their food is basically begging to be photographed. It’s beautiful.

& you better believe when we go to Bali (we have to go, right?) we’ll be going to Kynd Community. YUM!

Okay, taking it back to our kitchen…

I was inspired by Kynd Community & Kids Eat in Color (@kids.eat.in.color) who also uses fruit/veggie cutters to make her kids’ meals, to get my own fruit/veggie cutters. By the way, Jennifer from Kids Eat in Color launched her website recently, if you want to check it out: kidseatincolor.com. She offers great tips on how to help kids eat more veggies, & she has a very nonjudgemental vibe, which I LOVE!

I bought these fruit/veggie cutters on Amazon & absolutely love them.

They’re super easy to use & just SO FUN!

They make a simple snack a little more interesting, you know?

Plus, it’s fun for Instagram too ; )

& my niece & nephew love them. We used them with fruit, like bananas and apples—& also made a few cut outs when we made homemade baked fries together too.

Oh, & let’s talk about this quick snack too… HA! Whoops.



We already talked about having banana + peanut butter + chia seeds as a quick lil snack, so this isn’t so different. I just added hemp seeds, which are so yummy… They have a nutty flavor & a good amount of protein—plus tons of vitamins and minerals too. More deets here.

This snack is perfect when you want something sweet & salty & nutty—& QUICK!

When I want something crunchy & refreshing, I’ll usually do apple + peanut butter + chia seeds + hemp seeds. Also so good!

Here are the products I use (& love), if you’re curious:

This snack provides a ton of vitamins & minerals, and also healthy fat, fiber, protein, omega-3s, some iron + more.

I’m a fan… Which you already know, if you’re on Instagram with me ; ) It’s been in my IG stories quite a bit.

If you want more ideas for quick bites/snacks, check out the “Quick Bites” highlight on my IG.

& you can find the fruit/veggie cutters & more of my Amazon favorites in the JOYFETTI Amazon Shop. Fun, right?

Do you use fruit/veggie cutters at home?


Some of my Amazon favorites: