Our #YASAWECAN2020 wedding film


[ Video by the incredibly talented (& so fun to work with) LoveSpun Wedding Films—check them out! ]

There’s so much I can say about this wedding film.

Wedding photography & videography were 2 parts of our wedding planning process that were really important to us & (not surprisingly) I was really particular about.

For both photo & video, I wanted a style that wasn’t too blown out or too contrasted—I wanted the colors to be more true to life. And we wanted them to capture the essence & emotions of the day—that was really important to us.

For video, in particular, we wanted our wedding film to tell a story & to capture & share the experience of our wedding day.

We lucked out with our photographer, Josh, and our videographers, Jessica & Lewis, of LoveSpun, because not only are they extremely talented & hard-working, they are also so much fun to work with! We’re so thankful they were part of our wedding day.

They went above & beyond, & really delivered! When we decided to pivot our wedding plans because of the pandemic, they were totally game, and so helpful & supportive. And through the editing process & delivery of their work, they worked so hard to make sure we were 100% satisfied.

If you haven’t already, you can check out our wedding album to see our wedding photos.

For our wedding film, our original plan was to have it set to “Better Day” by Young Bombs ft. Aloe Blacc. Because of copyright laws Jessica choose a different song (2 songs!) instead, & surprised us with them—they were so perfect, we couldn’t have picked them better ourselves! She really understood us : )

I’m so excited to share this wedding film with you!

I’ve watched it so many times & it still makes me smile so big & tear up with happy tears! : ) 

If you’re looking for photography & videography, definitely check out LoveSpun for video & Josh Gruetzmacher for photo. We can’t recommend them enough! They are AMAZING! : )

I hope you enjoy the video as much as we do! : ) 


Some of our wedding vibes & tools: