My favorite running shoes + tips to alleviate foot pain

Up until 4 years ago I was running in Nike Frees. You know those cute, sleek running shoes (they’re sleek, not bulky) that are known to give you a “barefoot-like feel”? I use to run in those.

If you go to Nike’s website, & pull up one of their Nike Frees, you might notice, yes, it’s technically considered a running shoe, but the description goes on to say, “Made for short runs, from your daily 5K to that spontaneous sprint.” You won’t see that language on a Nike Pegasus product page.

About 5 or 6 years ago, my friend & I were running Crystal Springs/Sawyer Camp Trail (it’s gorgeous there, btw—if you’re in San Mateo County, check it out) & I was wearing my Nike Frees, of course. I’d been running & doing all my workouts in them for the past couple years at the time & I hadn’t experienced any foot pain. While we were running the trail that day, my friend, Katrina, basically warned me the foot pain was coming—she told me Frees were not ideal for running, & boy was she right! & btw, she’s a Physical Therapist now—way to go, Katrina! : )

I learned the hard way—not surprisingly.


I moseyed on in my cute shoes for 2-3 years (different pairs, all of them Nike Frees), & then the foot pain hit hard. I couldn’t run comfortably in my shoes anymore, my feet would hurt after 5 or so minutes in spin class, & I had a LOT of foot pain—this was likely a combination of running in Frees, & also the shoes I was wearing when I wasn’t running. I don’t think comfort was top of my mind for me at the time.

So I saw a foot doctor & I also went to A Runner’s Mind (ARM) to do a running assessment (a gait analysis) & get more supportive running shoes.

After the foot pain hit hard, I started to pick running shoes on more than just how they looked—that’s still a factor, of course (I want to like what I’m wearing), but only after they check the box for comfort & support.

& here’s the thing—I still found super cute running shoes that support my feet, & don’t cause pain.

If you’re experiencing foot pain right now, here are a few tips that might help:

  • Consult with a foot doctor
  • Consider using shoe inserts/insoles (Currex RunPro Dynamic Insoles is a good one to look into)
  • Use a foot massage roller (I use this one & this one, & love them!)
  • Wear supportive shoes (both when running & working out, & also when you’re going about your day-to-day activities)

Getting new running shoes that are supportive is a huge help in alleviating foot pain.

I’ve been running in Nike Pegasus for over a year now & I absolutely LOVE them!

They’re so comfortable that I keep buying them. Every time it’s time to buy a new pair, I buy another Pegasus.

ARM recommends replacing your running shoes every 5-6 months depending on your run efficiency & running volume.

Recently, I got this pink pair that I’m OBSESSED with!! So cute, right!?

Moral of the story…

When it comes to running shoes: comfort & support first, style second—but you can very much have both!!

If you’re looking for a new pair of running shoes, definitely check out Nike Pegasus—they have so many colors & designs. I highly recommend them!

Oh & btw, Arrash first brought me on to them—he’s been running in Nike Pegasus Men’s for close to 3 years now & loves them! Whenever he needs a new pair that’s what he gets too.

If you grab a pair, lmk how you like them.

Chat soon!


Cute (& supportive!) Nike Pegasus running shoes: