Minty Mondays: Sausalito Sunday

Minty enjoying Sausalito, California on

Sun’s out, tongue’s out!

If you’ve been reading along, you know mom is obsessed with brunch (I think it has to do with the mimosas and Bloody Marys…).

So, she had a girls brunch in Sausalito yesterday, and since I’m a girl (& because I like to go with her everywhere), I went too! My 1st trip to Sausalito! Woot woot!

Minty in Sausalito, California on

Minty enjoying the view in Sausalito, California on

[Plotting how to get onto that boat…]
I'm obsessed with flowers #MintyMondays
[I’m obsessed with flowers… #IGotItFromMyMama]

I LOVED Sausalito! It’s beautiful!

I hope your week is beautiful, too! XO!