Minty Mondays: How to Get Treats

How to get treats from your blogger, photographer mom_on

This post is for all my puppy friends!

I’m turning 2 this year (June 14—save the date ; )), and I’d like to share some wisdom with you.

Today: tips on how to get treats from your blogger/photographer mom.

How to get treats from your blogger, photographer mom_Photobombing mom's photoshoot_National Tortilla Chip Day_on

[ Photobombing mom’s shoot. I’m so good at it! Practice makes perfect! ]

Picture this… Mom’s shooting her favorite guacamole (sounds good, but keep your eyes on the prize… We want something with meat in it.) and you can tell she’s pretty much done with the shoot.

Here’s what you do:

Step 1: Walk into mom’s shoot.

Step 2: Make her feel like you REALLY want whatever it is she’s shooting. This creates guilt. Because 9 out of 10 times, she won’t give it to you—& she’ll want to compensate (with TREATS! YUMMY!)

Step 3: Look cute. This step is easy. You are cute.

Step 4: Stay still, just long enough that she can capture a few photos of you. But remember, you want her to think you really want whatever it is she’s shooting… So every so often, look at it, sniff it, make her think it’s taunting you (HAHA!)

Step 5 (THIS IS MY FAVORITE!): Collect TREATS!!! OH YES! SO TASTY! She’ll think you’re such a good girl/boy for resisting the guac, etc. (LOL) It works EVERY TIME!

So, now I have a question for you—What are your favorite treats? Comment on my mom’s Insta & let her know your favs (& where to get it!) She needs to go shopping soon & I want the GOOD STUFF!

P.S. tomorrow is Peanut Butter Lover’s Day! So spread the love by eating it. : )

XO! <3,