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Who’s on Instagram? (chuckles a little… ???)

I LOVE Instagram because there are so many amazing accounts to follow for fitness inspo, healthy recipes, & all-around lifestyle inspo. One of my favorite accounts is Remi Ishizuka’s, @rrayyme.

Remi’s known as The Breakfast Bowl Pro, and with one quick swipe through her feed, you’ll see why. Her account makes you forget about the pizza, and the colorful candy, and makes you crave fresh fruit and creamy smoothies. Her bowls—everything from smoothie bowls to nana cream to chia pudding—are perfectly styled and SO Instagram-worthy (obviously!). She also posts about her fitness journey (& bangin’ BBG bod!), and her life in LA. I’m in love with LA, so this little tidbit felt important for me to share ; ) haha. She’s a 27-year-old babe, and she’s KILLING IT.

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I’ve been making smoothies & smoothie bowls for a while now, but Remi’s IG account makes me want to “step up my game.” I’m getting more creative with toppings and food styling (which is SO much fun! Whoever said not to play with your food, is seriously n-u-t-s. Sorry mom, I love you.) AND, (I’m late to this party, LOL), I’m ready to try chia seed pudding! (haha) I love chia seeds, so I’m hoping I’ll like chia seed pudding just as much… I’ll keep you posted. If you have a favorite recipe for chia seed pudding, can you please share it below?? THANK YOUUU!!


[Fresh sunflowers from Trader Joe’s]

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[A very sleepy Minty baby]

& check out Remi’s exclusive interview with Spoon University on how to make insta-worthy breakfast bowls.


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+ UPDATE 10/17 ⇢ Remi just launched her blog! Check it out here. Congrats, Remi! XO!