Gluten-free rolled oats as cereal

Ever since I realized I’m sensitive to gluten (probably about 3 years ago), I’ve been looking for a vegan, gluten-free cereal that isn’t full of sugar. I wanted something sugar-free & nutritious. I didn’t find anything—so I tried something new!

I started having our rolled oats as cereal—& it is sooo delicious & refreshing!

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We use Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free, organic quick cooking rolled oats at home.

Among other nutrients, 1/2 cup provides:

  • 4g fiber (14% DV)
  • 6g protein
  • 2 mg iron (10% DV)

I love to have it with this oat milk—oat MALK (it’s vegan & gluten free) & fresh fruit. Having it with bananas & raspberries is my fave! The fruit makes it extra fresh & delicious & adds additional nutrients & antioxidants.

It’s also good with almond MALK. Oat MALK is thicker than almond MALK & it’s creamy, so it depends what you’re into/in the mood for/what you have in the fridge ; )

MALK is my go-to for almond milk & oat milk.

Do you ever have cereal for dinner?

Sometimes I want something light & refreshing for dinner & I’ll crave cereal, so I’ll make this bowl of rolled oats as cereal & it definitely satisfies!

There’s something so nostalgic about cereal, don’t you think?

This rolled oats as cereal hack is so good in the morning & at night too : )

If you try it, lmk how you like it. Chat soon : )


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