Celebrate with Packed Party! ?

Packed Party on joyfetti.com #JOYFETTI

Last month, I discovered Packed Party, when my cutie friend, Annalisa, sent me this Birthday Beb package. IT WAS LITERALLY LIKE OPENING A PARTY IN A BOX.

You know how kids (and some adults) go crazy for sprinkles?

Well, apparently confetti has the same affect on me (ha! what a surprise ? ).

Say Happy Birthday with %22Birthday Beb%22 from Packed Party—joyfetti.com #JOYFETTI

And… Their Instagram is so fun⇢ @packedparty : ) Whenever I discover a brand I like, I look them up on Instagram—weird? Does anyone else do this?

Anyways, it got me thinking… DIY Packed Party (?!!).

What would you put in your #DIY Packed Party?

Tell me below…