Airbrush Tanning: There's No Such Thing as an 'Organic' Spray Tan

Airbrush Tanning_There's No Such Thing as an %22Organic%22 Spray


By now you probably know I always ( ALWAYS! ) read the ingredients on packages and buy organic produce whenever possible ( especially if it doesn’t have a peel! )

So when I started seeing “organic sunless tanning” all over Instagram it got my attention… & not just because I work in the industry—Evolv Tan ( the only heated airbrush tanning system in the world ) is a JOY Consulting Co. client—BUT, because I’ve had my fair share of spray tans & I equate “organic” with being more healthy… & I think a lot of people do, which is why some brands in the tanning industry are using the term. But they’re doing so wrongfully… Keep reading.

I researched “organic” tanning & what I found was really disappointing.

There’s no such thing as an organic spray tan.

This news release from Ecocert sums it up perfectly. Here are a few statements from the release:

“Ecocert does NOT certify ‘organic’ DHA (Dihydroxyacetone)” 


“any representation by a seller of tanning products that they use
‘Eco Certified (Eco-Cert) organic DHA’,
‘Organic Ecocert-certified DHA’
or other similar wording is
false and misleading to the consumer.”

YEAH. It is…

To put it bluntly, there’s no such thing as organic DHA, at least, not YET… & all these tanning companies that claim to be organic, contain DHA.

In case you’re wondering, I’m not getting paid to share this and it wasn’t requested by my client. I’m sharing this with you because it’s relevant… And it pisses me off. ( Let’s keep it blunt, shall we? )

Airbrush Tanning_There's No Such Thing as an %22Organic%22 Spray Tan_San Francisco,

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I hate when advertisers market unhealthy foods ( like cereal bars and snacks ) as health foods. And to me, this is the same marketing stunt, applied to beauty. And it’s not just tanning… We see it throughout the beauty and skincare industry. In a recent Refashion podcast, the founder of Fjordlife, Brittany Haavalsrud, shared just how unregulated the entire beauty industry is ⇢ a brand can market their product as natural as long as the product contains ONE natural ingredient—& that could be water… WHAT!?

Ridiculous, right? It’s absolutely nuts.

I’m not a fan of being lied to ( who is? ), so when I see a salon or airbrush solution marketing itself as being “organic” it’s a big turn-off, to me. What’s your take on this? I’d love to hear…


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