You'll Never Forget to Floss After You Read This...



Here I am, blogging at night, again.

But this time it’s actually pretty perfect that it’s almost time for bed, because we’re talking about FLOSS.

& it’s about to x-rated.

Not really, but kind of…

Let’s jump in, shall we?

Picture this:

It’s late at night, you’re dragging your feet, & getting ready for bed sounds like a real chore so you think to yourself, “Eh… I’ll floss tomorrow… I’m exhaaaauuuusted. It’ll be fine…”

Everybody. Right…?

Well, haha, good luck getting into bed without flossing after tonight.

About a year ago, my hygienist, Judy ( whom I LOVE—I’ve been going to her for as long as I can remember ), shared this little metaphor with me & it’s been haunting me ever since, in the best way possible.

She said:

“Not flossing is like not cleaning your private parts.”

UH… Deer in the headlights.


I was not expecting that.

Basically, this little metaphor nips any idea I have about skipping flossing right in the butt. Because, EW.

I keep floss everywhere now—in my makeup stand, my bathroom, makeup bag, everywhere

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LOL. Thanks, Judy. That definitely did the trick.

Sweet dreams, guys! Remember your floss. ; )


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