Why I use an acupressure mat

I got this acupressure mat & pillow set almost 2 years ago & I’m still totally obsessed with it & use it all the time, so I wanted to share it with you on the blog.

The funny thing is while I’m completely scared of doing real acupressure & having real needles in my back, I’m absolutely in LOVE with this mat & I find it so relaxing! You might remember it from my IG stories. I like to call it my bed of nails.

I first heard about this mat from Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential. I thought it’d be cool to try it out & I thought it’d be a nice surprise for Arrash since he was having back pain—I thought it could help his back feel better. 

For 2 years, he barely touched it, at all. He tried it once, for a moment & said he wasn’t into it—but I KNEW he’d come around lol I had hope ; )

Meanwhile, I fell in love with it!

& wait there’s a plot twist coming…

My favorite way to use it is in bed before falling asleep.

So I was laying on it in bed last night, & Arrash knew I was writing this blog post today, so last night, while I was laying on it, he asked if he could try it & I was SO excited!

He said, “You rave about it all the time, so I figure I should try it again” LOL. & GUESS WHAT, he tried it, & liked it! He said, “It’s like my own personal back scratchies.” Backstory: he likes back scratches at night—they help him fall asleep.

& so does the mat. He fell asleep on it last night! I’ve done that too—it’s super relaxing. Before he laid down on the mat, he was having trouble falling asleep, so I definitely consider it a win.

I did miss the mat a little bit last night lol but I was way more excited he was using it & enjoying it. I knew he’d come around ; ) My mom did too, months ago, when she tried it again for the second time—& she told Arrash it’s really good & he should really try it again too.

So, if you try it, try it with an open mind & give it a few minutes.

You can use it with a barrier/shirt on, or use it with you shirt off if you want to feel it more intensely. I like it both ways.

& I’m thinking now that Arrash likes it, maybe I’ll order another one so we can lay on them together ; ) 

Back to how I use the mat & why I rave about it ALL THE TIME:

Like I said, my favorite way to use it is in bed before falling asleep.

Sometimes I’ll read a book while I lay on it, & other times I’ll just lay on it & close my eyes. When I’m cold or if I have cramps, I’ll put a hot water bag on top of my stomach while I lay on the mat—the combo feels really good!

For some reason, laying on the mat soothes my anxiety, & it calms my mind.

I also love using the head pillow. I move my hair up above my head, so I can feel it more on my neck. 

Aside from using the mat in bed & laying on it, I’ve also used it on a chair, while working.

I have this new desk chair now, which I LOVE & is super comfortable (it’s made with vegan velvet)—& this new desk—but for about a year before I set this up, I was working everyday from our kitchen table & chairs, which were definitely not made for work—& I could feel it! Our kitchen chairs were not supportive for working on a computer, so sometimes I’d put the mat on the chair to help reduce my back pain.

Here’s why I love the acupressure mat:

  • It reduces my anxiety & relaxes me
  • It calms my mind
  • It helps reduce any back pain
  • It helps me sleep better when I lay on it before bed (see points 1 & 2!) 
  • It feels AMAZING!

Plus, I think it feels SO good when I come off of it—the little pricklies I still feel on my back make me feel like I just came out of a spa service. It feels luxurious & indulgent, in the BEST way.

Here’s how I use it most often:

  • I lay on it before bed
  • I lay on it when I have back pain
  • I use it while sitting on a chair or a couch

If you haven’t tried one before, here’s the exact one I use at home—I got it on Amazon.

LMK if you try it, how you like it, & how you like to use it : )

Happy relaxing!!


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