Sweet snack: goji berries + chocolate chips

Goji berries with chocolate chips is one of my favorite snacks when I want something sweet.

Have you tried goji berries before?

Goji berries are these red berries that are sweet & a little tangy. They’re commonly sold in a dried form, like raisins.

They’re high in vitamin A, iron, fiber, & protein—& they also provide potassium, calcium, vitamin C, along with other nutrients.

Which is why they’re considered a superfood.

They’re nutritious & full of antioxidants.

I usually get them from the bulk section in Whole Foods, & store them in the fridge.

You can also buy them packaged.

Since they’re sweet & little tangy, they’re delicious with chocolate chips—they pair perfectly!

I love having them on their own too.

You can also add them to different recipes & other snacks.

Here are some ideas:

  • on top of smoothies bowls
  • on top of pancakes
  • on top of rolled oats/steel cut oats/oatmeal
  • in cereal
  • on vegan ice cream, or nana cream
  • mixed into trail mix

There are lots of ways to use them!

Planta—that delicious all plant-based restaurant we’re obsessed with in Miami, makes these dumplings with goji berries on top, & it’s sooo good! I shared a photo of it on IG (you can check it out here).

BTW, goji berries are also kid-approved! ; )

A couple months ago when I picked up the kids up from school (our niece & nephew) & brought them back to our place, I put some goji berries out on the table for them, in a little bowl, & they loved it! After a minute or so, I added chocolate chips to the bowl, & they loved that too—as you can imagine ; ) lol

So next time you want a sweet snack with a little tangy-ness make a little bowl of goji berries & chocolate chips, & enjoy!

For chocolate chips, I use Enjoy Life dark chocolate morsel—they’re vegan & contain only 2 ingredients: unsweetened chocolate & cane sugar. Plus, 1 tablespoon of them contains 15% recommended daily value (DV) of iron & 2g fiber (8% DV). YES, PLEASE!

LMK if you try this combo—goji berries + chocolate chips, how you like it!

& leave a comment if you have suggestions on other ways we can use goji berries. Would love to hear : )

Happy snacking!


Small bowls for snacking: