Superfood Spotlight: Coconut Water

Superfood Spotlight on Coconut Water on #JOYFETTI


1st, a little throw back…

I vividly remember being in our small, teeny apartment in Pacific Beach (in San Diego, California) my first year out of college, and STARING at one of my friends with complete disgust (lol) and confusion as she casually chugged a huge (MASSIVE!) container of coconut water the morning after we all went out to the bars.

Fast forward 4 years and SEVERAL attempts of wanting SO BADLY to find some love for coconut water, I’ve FINALLY found a way (several ways) to enjoy it!

So why’d I try so hard to like it all these years? Because of it’s health benefits.

Coconut water experienced it’s moment in the spotlight a few years ago and during that time it was positioned as being liquid gold. Is it? No. But it does have valid benefits, including the following:

+ It’s great for rehydration

+ It’s rich in potassium (a 330mL/11.2 fl oz container of coconut water, like the ones pictured above, provide 19% of your recommended daily intake (rdi) of potassium. To put things into perspective, a medium-sized banana provides 12%)

Plus, it also…

+ provides calcium (4% dpi)

+ and magnesium (4% dpi)

So here’s how coconut water & I get along… ?

I add it to my:

+ smoothies (<< this is by far my favorite way to enjoy it!)

+ healthy popsicles

+ & sometimes, my iced coffee


How do you enjoy your coconut water? If you drink it straight, more power to you… I haven’t gotten there yet. ; )

If you have a recipe that uses coconut water please link to it below—I’d love to check it out!


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