Superfood Spotlight: Avocado

Superfood Spotlight on avocado on

No one has to convince me to eat an avocado… (they’re delicious!)


If they did…

Hearing these 4 benefits would do the trick!

+ It’s Nutrient-dense: here are a few standouts… A single California avocado contains a TON of fiber (36% of your recommended daily intake (rdi)), vitamin B-6 (20% rdi) and vitamin C (33% rdi). It has nearly 2x the potassium of a banana (19% rdi vs. 1 medium banana (7″ to 8″ long) at 12% rdi), AND, it provides you with some magnesium (9%) << I’ll take it! Basically, an avocado has as much nutrients as it has flavor.

Mmmmm… Avocado. Haha! Okay, next up…

+ It’s a HEALTHY fat: yes, these do exist! ; ) Fat is good for you—if it’s the right kind. Your body NEEDS healthy fats. Healthy fats help to increase GOOD cholesterol (HDL), give you energy, and support cell growth. They also help your body absorb nutrients, and produce important hormones. Healthy fats mostly come from vegetables, nuts, seeds and fish.

+ It stabilizes blood sugar levels (<< this is great for fitness, health & weight loss!): avocado slows digestion, which keeps blood sugar from spiking after a meal. Why does this matter? Because a well-balanced blood sugar level can improve your overall fitness and health, regulate your hormones, trigger your body to burn stored fat (YES!), and increase your metabolism (WIN!) to help you lose weight. Pretty cool, right!?

+ It keeps you full longer (<< hellooo, weight loss!): a recent study led by Dr. Joan Sabate, Chair of the Department of Nutrition at Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California, (and funded by Hass Avocado Board, surprise, surprise ?) found that participants who added half of a fresh avocado to their lunch were 40% less likely to want a snack within 3 hours after lunch, and 28% less likely to want a snack within 5 hours after lunch, than those that didn’t enjoy the beauty that is avocado during lunch (ha!). Good news!! Right!?


Show of hands:

Who’s ready for some avocado?


& who want’s to see an avocado Emoji? Haha, I kid, kinda.


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