Sunday Splash: mini kombuchas + getting ready for the holidays

Happy almost thanksgiving! What are your thanksgiving plans?

We’re still figuring ours out—we’ll likely go to my grandparents first and have lunch with them, & then we’ll go to Arrash’s parents, & then we’ll all get together at my parents’ house for thanksgiving dinner. LOTS OF FOOD.

We’re coordinating who’ll bring what & my niece already requested I make these Nutella stuffed Nutella cookies. YUM! So I can’t disappoint. Have you guys tried them? Let me know how you like them?

P.S. if you’d rather buy dessert, Whole Foods has this cranberry apple pie that is SOOO GOOD. I got it a few weeks ago & I definitely recommend it. It’s delicious.

Speaking of Whole Foods, remember a couple months ago I snapchatted these mini kombucha bottles I saw there? & then we talked about them when we chatted about kombucha’s benefits? Well, here they are in all their glory ; ) They’re cute, right?

I’m obsessed with these mini bottles because they’re the perfect size.

Although I have had two back-to-back once or twice. I just couldn’t help it. It’s so refreshing.

They’re 8 oz, which is exactly half the size of Health-Ade’s original 16 oz bottle.

Also, I feel like they’re less likely to have that SCOBY floating in them, which I just can’t drink—I’ve tried. You know that slimy gushy thing you find in kombucha sometimes? Health-Ade talks about it here. I usually find some SCOBY in the big bottles, but I haven’t had them in the mini bottles yet, which I’m very into. Do you drink the SCOBY? To each their own.

OH, & BIG NEWS. Arrash officially likes kombucha. We did it, LOL. I had a hunch it was going to happen ; ) Now that he’s into it, we’ll sometimes split a big bottle (16 oz) during dinner & we’ll pour them into champagne flutes for fun. I love it.

What else is new? What are you guys working on? & what do you want to see more of on the blog next year? I’m all ears : ) I’d love to hear!

Hope you’re gearing up for a fantastic & relaxing thanksgiving. Cheers!


Get cozy for the holidays: