My BEST Tip for Drinking More Water!

How to drink more

How to drink more water_Pellegrino, champ glass, and white

Guys! Being dehydrated SUCKS.

Don’t you agree?

When I’m dehydrated I feel sluggish, I eat more, & I don’t feel fully awake.

It’s not like I don’t like water ( I do! ) it’s just that some days I forget to drink as much as I SHOULD.

SO, I’ve developed simple tricks for drinking more water: I have two glasses right when I wake up ( the first with lemon, the second without ), I make it super accessible—i.e. there’s ALWAYS a bottle of Pellegrino &/or a bkr bottle with me at ALL times whether I’m working at my desk, in my car, working out, or running errands, and my weirdest “trick”… If I’m feeling REALLY dehydrated, I set my timer to a minute & “chug” until it goes off. ( LOL ) Weird…? Probably…?

BUT! My best trick is THIS:

Drinking from a champagne flute.

Trust me—it works!

There’s something about drinking from a champagne flute that makes it way more fun to drink water, so you end up drinking MORE.

How to drink more water_Pellegrino, champ glass, cap

[ LOVEEEE the long stem on this champagne flute! ]

But just a little tip if you’re trying this at the office… Keep the Pellegrino bottle realllll close & make it KNOWN there’s only water in the flute. My sister asked me once if I was drinking champagne in the middle of day ( LOL no… It wasn’t brunch ; ) )… So there is that confusion.

BUT, try it out—let me know how you like it & if it helps you drink more water.



How to drink more water_Pellegrino, champ

[ Champagne flute found here—it’s a STEAL! ]

How to drink more water_Pellegrino, champ glass, white

[ Obsessed w/ white roses lately. ]

Bita Ehsanipour
I sometimes forget too! It definitely helps to keep a full bottle or glass at the desk & keeping drinking / refilling it ; )
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I love water also and I tend to drink a lot when it's in front of me. But when I'm at work I do forget sometimes!! I think I'll work on making sure I have a full bottle at my desk all day ;)
Bita Ehsanipour
Congratulations on your pregnancy, Raina! & thank you for your support! : ) xx
Bita Ehsanipour
Awesome! I hope it's working for you, Fifi! : ) xx <3
Raina Elegado
Great tips!! I'm currently pregnant right now and should be drinking A LOT more water than I do. I also have a one-year-old so my mind is everywhere and sometimes I just forget to keep myself hydrated. Such a great reminder to always keep water accessible :) Thanks for sharing! xo Raina
Fifi Zumot
I'm ALWAYS trying to find more ways to drink water at work! I think I'll try the timer trick tomorrow at work! Thank you!