Minty Mondays: I turned 1!!

Hiiiiii friends!!!

I’m so excited to FINALLY show you how I spent my birthday!

If you’re following me on Vine you already got a little peek…

Mom was capturing photos & videos left & right (she was so excited! ?) so here are a few more pics & vids from my day/night.

(Hit the speaker button in the bottom right corner in the videos to hear the music.)

We had delicioussss peanut butter birthday cake… Mouth. Watering. ?

& I played with family & friends allllll dayyyyy : )

Minty's 1st birthday recap_giving kisses to Lamb Chop on #MintyMondays

& then Lamb Chop & I got reaaaaal close… #BigSpoon


Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. You made my day EXTRA special! XO

& if you haven’t already, you can check out my birthday shoot here!