Minty Mondays: Big Game

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I hope you enjoyed the Big Game yesterday! Mom and I need to detox after a day full of stuffing our faces…

Mom had one too many beers (Stella–it’s her favorite!) and slices of pizza (I had a little piece of sausage–YUM! It pays to make friends). And I snacked on Milk-Bones all weekend (YUMMYYY!).

It was my first time having Milk-Bones so I was VERY into them. I even suggested mommy buy a pack for me. Comment on her Instagram to tell her she should! #MilkBones4Minty

XO! <3,

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[HALF TIME! Pass the chips.]

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[Can you pass me some more please??]

Minty Big Game on

[& how about a slider?]

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[My tongue is as big as my appetite. Small dog, big dreams… Of food.]