Lightweight cutting boards that are dishwasher safe & free of plastic!

It took me years of using those plastic IKEA cutting boards (you know the ones I’m talking about?) to realize they aren’t great health-wise. Whoops! We live & learn, right?

It was as if one day, all of a sudden, I could see all the little bits of plastic that were chipping off the cutting boards & had a chance to get into our food… EEK! Well it wasn’t necessarily all of a sudden… I’m pretty sure I heard someone talk about plastic cutting boards getting plastic into our foods, so I became aware.

Basically, when you cut something on a cutting board, you make little grooves in the board and those little pieces come off & can get into your food. Bacteria can also hide in those grooves if the cutting board isn’t sanitized well.

Backstory… I first got those plastic cutting boards because they were affordable (I looked them up rn—they’re $2.99 each. I’m pretty sure I first got them in college, & then I restocked on them years later)… They’re lightweight, & super important to me… They’re dishwasher safe. I like dishwasher safe—it makes it easy to clean.

So I started looking for cutting boards that weren’t made of plastic & were still dishwasher safe & lightweight. I found these Epicurean ones, & the price was good too!

I first spotted them at World Market (I LOVE that store sooo much! You too? It’s one of my faves!).

I didn’t rush to get it because I wanted to go home & research it first… Find out what it’s made of, etc… I do this pretty often. So I did, & it’s really good, which is why I’m sharing it with you here, obvs!

So here are the deets:

  • Per the World Market site, they’re “crafted of natural wood fiber composite sourced from sustainably harvested trees.”
  • They’re made of wood composite & food grade resin. They’re BPA free.
  • & they’re dishwasher safe! WOO!!

We bought this set off Bed Bath & Beyond, & we’ve been using them for 5 months now. We’re OBSESSED with them!

We use them so often (more often than we run the dishwasher), so we just purchased 2 more of the cutting boards today.

The set we got from Bed Bath & Beyond is out of stock where we live right now, so we got these 2 (one in each size) from World Market—so basically the same set sold as individual items.

P.S. Shopping online is so fun, right?! It’s like a little rush when you buy it, & a little rush when it arrives in the mail lol. It’s like opening a present ; ) We also got 2 more sets of these marble coasters I’m OBSESSED with! We have them all over the house & use them all day.

Anyways, these cutting boards are legit! If you’re ready for new cutting boards, grab this set we got, or get these individual ones. I think it’s helpful having a smaller size, & bigger size. Don’t you think?

They also make these cool state ones.

Speaking of cutting on cutting boards… I just shared this fun little TikTok video of how to make watermelon sticks, & I did a little IGTV of it too—so you can check out whichever format you prefer, or both. Watermelon sticks are sooo fun! Perfect for Summer! They’re like lil watermelon swords. HIYA ; )

I hope you enjoy the vids, & lmk if you get the cutting boards, how you like them… I think you’ll LOVE them! We’re obsessed with them, clearly! : )

Chat with you soon!


Oh & P.S… I held onto those plastic IKEA cutting boards—not for cooking or cutting—but to use as a barrier for Minty’s feet when I wash her in our kitchen sink LOL. I lay it down in the sink under her cutie little paws so her little paws can’t fall in the drain while I give her a bath. They serve THAT purpose, very well ; ) I’m glad we saved them for that! : )

Cutting boards you’ll love: