Light & Skinny Summer Snack — Blueberry Jicama Salad

The perfect skinny, summer snack!! Blueberry Jicama Salad on #JOYFETTI

This snack is so easy to whip up, it’s silly…

Plus, it’s light, refreshing & filling.

(& the jicama gives it a fun ‘lil crunch!)



+ 1 cup jicama, cut into cubes

+ Lemon juice from 1 lemon

+ Lime juice from 1/2 lime

+ 1 cup organic blueberries

+ Grated pepper to taste (I like Rainbow Peppercorns from Trader Joe’s)

( ^ you can change up the ratios if you’d like, of course!)

⇣ ⇣ ⇣

RECIPE (if you can call it that LOL):

+ Pour lemon and lime juice over jicama, add pepper, & toss for about a minute

+ Add organic blueberries


(Told you it was easy! ; ))

The perfect skinny, summer snack! Blueberry Jicama Salad on #JOYFETTI

So turn up JOYFETTI Playlist: Carefree on Spotify, whip up this yummy, skinny snack, & ENJOY your weekend! : ) ? XOXO