JOYFETTI Playlist: Determined


Happy 2016!

This year I’m focusing on building habits rather than just listing out my resolutions. Here’s an example ⇢ Instead of saying, “I want a six pack, I want to be more in shape, I want to be more toned, etc” I’m building the habit of waking up early and working out, daily—and the habit of drinking a green smoothie every day, and eating a salad every day… You get the point.

Is it easy? Nope! But building new habits is the only way to create lasting change.

It also takes motivation.

While the vision of me with toned abs is GREAT, it doesn’t motivate me enough to break a sweat before the sun’s up. So what motivates me to push through an early morning workout?


I put together this playlist especially for making me feel DETERMINED. This playlist is great for busting through workouts, and work projects.

Check it out on Spotify & LMK what you think

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JOYFETTI Playlist: Determined


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