How to get rid of vacation constipation


I use to get awful constipation after a flight.

When we were in Oahu, Hawaii last year it was really, really bad! It was so bad we went to a pharmacy to find laxatives but I didn’t like their ingredients—so I didn’t get any. So we went to Whole Foods next, & I got PRUNES instead. I remembered this trick from when I was little—prunes as a natural remedy for constipation. & IT WORKED. It worked wonders!

It was such a miracle that every time we travel now, I take prunes with me.

I either take them with me, or I buy them as soon as we get to where we’re going. Either way—I’m eating prunes on vacation. I eat them at home sometimes too. I keep them in our fridge.

It’s suchhhhh a great tip!

Prunes, which are dried plums, are rich in insoluble fiber, & the natural laxative sorbitol—so it makes sense they’re a great natural remedy for constipation.

Growing up we always had a Costco-sized bag of prunes in the fridge. & if you open my parents’ fridge right now, you’ll still see a huge bag of prunes in there—so funny!

If you’re like me, & you get vacation constipation too, eat some prunes while you’re on vacation.

Preventative prunes, baby!!

& then lmk how it works for you. We’re not shy here, kay? ; )

Here’s a list of things that help me prevent vacation constipation:

  • Eating prunes (it’s amazing!)
  • Eating something that’s high in fiber (prunes, of course—also other fruits & veggies, etc)—eating an apple is another go-to!
  • Drinking a big glass of water first thing in the morning
  • Drinking something with caffeine (tea or coffee)
  • Walking

Vacation constipation is such a bummer—any kind of constipation is a bummer, really. So grab yourself some prunes & try it. Lmk what you think. They’re yummy, too! Kind of like a sweat treat : )

Chat with you soon!


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