Cute Makeup Bags

Cute makeup bags,

… & they’re all under $30 ( !!! )

My compact broke recently ( in the worst place ever… In my car… It was parked ) & the powder got allllllll over my makeup bag. I’m sure you can relate?

SO, I found the upside & started browsing for a cute, new bag. ( LOL )

Here are a few on my wish list:

1 ) This classic, simple, all-black cosmetic bag by Bobby Brown 

It’s on sale! BTW : ) I love this one because it LITERALLY goes with everything. I know we’re not talking about a dress or a clutch, or shoes, but I love how you can throw this in ANY bag and it won’t clash with it. Kind of nice, don’t you think? I’m all about this one!

2 ) This fun & flirty hot pink pouch

How fun is this pouch? I love the playful font & bold color.

3 ) This playful cosmetic case

Doesn’t this SCREAM New York? I like that about it. Plus, it’s BRIGHT yellow so hopefully, if / when ( definitely WHEN ) I misplace it, it’ll be easier to find—right?

4 ) This cute & quirky LeSportsac cosmetic pouch

I love the pattern & the playful colors.

So… Which one of these do you guys like the most?


Shop these bags:

Bita Ehsanipour
Haha, right? I'm using two makeup bags right now, one big, one small ( ish ) so I can take as much or as little makeup as I want with me. Ha!
The quirky bag is definitely the one for me! Now how much stuff can I cram in there......