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Lovey-dovey hearts


Happy ( almost ) Valentine’s Day!

Do you guys notice all the pinks, reds, and hearts in every store? LOL, it’s hard to miss.

Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day I figured it’s the perfect time to share some lovey-dovey heart items with you.

Side note… Once, when I was living at home ( I think it was about 2 or 3 years ago ) my mom looked around at all the stuff I had around ( my laptop, my laptop case, all of Minty‘s things ) and said with such disgust ( & in Farsi ), “I think I’m going to puke if you bring one more pink thing into the house.”

LOL. Whoops! ; )

So, when it comes to furniture and home design I lean towards neutrals ( usually white )… But when it comes to things, I love pink & I love hearts. LOL. Am I 5? ; )

Alright, enough about me… Let’s get into these cuties!

Okay, so obviously I had to find us some PJs with hearts on them—so perfect for Valentine’s Day! 😍 If I’m splurging on PJs, it’s definitely for these.

These are basically the grown up, “I’m into fashion but I make own rules” version of those bright red, heart-shaped sunglasses we all wore when we were little. Remember those? Definitely another splurge, but I’m always down to window shop ; )

These mugs are adorable ( !!! ) & even better, I love their message—the inside says, “love is love is love” all around. So perfect for Valentine’s Day & really every day. Makes for a great gift idea too!

I’m OBSESSED with my bkr bottles—& you most likely already know this. This one is especially great for Valentine’s Day. I also love this black / copper one & this baby pink / silver one. Super cute!

Okay, so I’m a big fan of writing things down on paper so I’m always kind of on the hunt for cute notebooks. This one is fun & personal because they print your name & initials on it, which I love. Also, Minted has great products. I love their quality. is SO MUCH fun—this is the perfect dish to have on your nightstand. Doesn’t it just make you smile? : )

These pens are great! They’re cute but practical & also look great on Instagram ( let’s be real, that’s part of their appeal ; ) LOL ) But really, they’re great pens—I love writing with them.

Okay, how are you guys getting ready for Valentine’s Day?

If you’re looking for a quick and easy VDAY recipe ( something sweet ), definitely try these chocolate covered strawberries. They’re delicious & VERY easy to make.


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Sunday Splash: Boxes on Boxes on Boxes


[ AQUA dress found here. ]


We just moved into our new apartment in San Jose. We’re surrounded by boxes and I couldn’t be more happy.

Today’s our first full day in our first home together & there’s something really special about that ( but I won’t get all sappy on you ; ) )

My goal is to unpack EVERYTHING ( Gah! It’s a LOT! ), so we can bring the dogs home tonight. HAPPY DANCE!

It’ll be the first time all 3 of our dogs are living together ( LOL this should be very interesting ) so I’m very excited about that. The Zoo is finally coming together! ( that’s what we call the three of them )

Since I’m pretty terrible at moving—like REALLY bad—I Googled “how to pack when moving” a week ago ( weird? ) and I found this awesome article in The Denver Post. It has some great tips & tricks.

I’ll share a full post on our move ( and the tips & tricks I’ve picked up ) soon, so stay tuned for that.


In other news, I’m VERY excited to stock our fridge, and line up all our drinks ( LOL! ) A little OCD-action for ya… ; ) Of course, there’ll be a row of Health-Ade Kombucha ( YUM! ) & Perrier—we need to restock these ASAP.

Come hang out on Snapchat to see more of our move. UN: joyfetti



JOY Consulting Co., Influencer

[ Shipping influencer packages for a JOY Consulting Co. client. Boxes were DEFINITELY a theme these past few weeks. ]

Minty, pink

[ My little Mint ball. ]

Shop my favorite home items:

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale… Fav Items for the Home

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale_for the

You know what’s fun?

Online shopping.

& Browsing!

I’ve been browsing & pinning a lot lately, especially for my home & office so when I checked out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I went STRAIGHT to the ‘HOME‘ section.

Plus, when you’re shopping for your home you don’t have to worry about FIT.

Side note ⇢ have you ever purchased a baggy sweater online that looked so cute online and then you got it in the mail… And it looked terrible when you put it on? Me too. Which is why I love online shopping for my home / office. LOL.

Since there’s so many great deals happening right now, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite home items that are on sale ( big time! )

Ready? : )

I really like that this comes with a holder because it helps the kitchen stay organized. Plus, how cute are these copper handles? I LOVE ’em!

Doesn’t this pillow make you smile? I love the clean lines and bright, happy color.

But really… This entire collection. I’m obsessed with marble, especially white marble. This tray is perfect for displaying everyday lotions and beauty items so they’re accessible, but still organized.

This rug is SO cute! Plus, it comes in 4 different sizes ( or dimensions )—this long, narrow one is perfect for long hallways ( if you live in San Francisco you know exactly what I mean. )

This basket is perfect for holding toys ( Minty‘s, LOL ), magazines or other items in your home. AND it’s super cute—such a great find!

I’m almost always burning a candle when I’m in the house, but I love having an oil diffuser in the bathroom. Antica has amazing scents like pomegranate / currant / blood orange, grapefruit, and vanilla / bourbon / mandarin—sounds sooo good, right?

Have you guys been shopping ( or browsing ) the Sale? I’d love to hear what you’ve been eyeing! : )


Shop NSALE Home Finds:

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The Life Hack Every Dog Lover Needs to Know About…

The Life Hack Every Dog Lover Needs to Know

You guys, the other day I was brushing Minty and I had hair ALL over my legs by the time I was done.

I like to wear black, and she has a lot of white hair—so it was literally like I dumped a TON of dog hair all over my black pants… It was definitely noticeable.

I had to take photos for work and didn’t have any lint rollers ( I’m out of them—I have to buy new ones ) so I thought: TAPE.

Luckily, I had packaging tape in my desk drawer.

So I grabbed it, tore a piece off ( multiple times… LOL ) and patted the sticky side onto my pants. It took the hair right off—it was amazing.

I shared it with you guys on Snapchat when I “discovered” it ( HA! ) but I wanted to share it with you here because it was super, SUPER helpful.

So! If you’re playing with a dog, or grooming your dog, and you get their hair all over you and don’t have a lint roller… Just grab some tape. It works SO well.

If you have a life hack I need to know about, please let me know below, or comment on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook—I’d love to hear about it!


The Life Hack Every Dog Lover Needs to Know

( My babe cakes, Minty. )

The Life Hack Every Dog Lover Needs to Know About_p

( Good ol’ tape… LOL. )

Cute products I use for Minty:
( Yes, I picked mint colored products on purpose… HA! )

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Stationery & Office Supplies to Spruce up Your Work Space!

Stationery & Office Supplies to Spruce up Your Work


I’ve been fighting off a cough/cold the past few days—which meanssss ⇢ online shopping. LOL. Not a lot, but a little.

I restocked on these cutie Ban.Do Sweet Talk Pens ( which are on sale ) and got some new notepads. It really helped with my sore throat. ; )

So I figured it’s the perfect time to share my must-have items to spruce up your work space.

Since we spend 40+ hours a week there, it might as well look & smell cute. Don’t you think?


I LOVEEE cute pens because I’m always writing lists, tracking my BBG workouts & marking up my books—and it’s way more fun to do with a cute pen.


I’m super obsessed with this tropical, getaway-esque notepad from Kate Spade. Doesn’t it just scream Instagram me?


I always keep these handy. This one‘s especially great for love notes. *Wink Wink*


Notebooks are like chapsticks—& bikinis—I can never have too many.


So you have easy access to your pens, of course! This also goes with the “everything should have a place” concept I’m working on.


I’m OBSESSED with my BKR bottles. I always have water handy because I get dehydrated easily. I keep a ( HUGE ) 1L size bottle on my desk at all times because it’s a constant reminder to drink up, and it sits so pretty on my desk—trust me, you’ll love it!


Because ambiance matters. This one is SO cute—the top is like a mini cacti. Very Insta-worthy!


I put pretty much everything in my iPhone because I need the alert notifications ( both of them, LOL ), BUT, I also use a huge wall calendar to remind myself of important dates, meetings, etc… It’s always in my face & super visible, which is why I love it.


I bet you weren’t expecting this one! Champagne flutes are great for making yourself drink more water ( more on that here )—But you can also break ’em out for champ! Hard work should be celebrated.


Cute coasters are like fashion accessories for your desk—they help showcase your personal style, and keep your desk free from those yucky water rings. My favorites are these agate-like coasters ( I have them at home )—because they’re super cute, work great, & aren’t as pricey as similar options.

Did I miss anything? Snap me ( UN ⇢ JOYFETTI ) or comment below. I’m down for a little more online shopping. ; )



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Spring Cleaning… A.K.A. Time to Get Organized!

Spring Cleaning_AKA Time to Get Organized_cute and practical items to stay

Kate Spade Black Dots Laundry BagAcrylic Cosmetic Organizer with Stackable Drawer | Chrome & Canvas 4-Section Laundry Sorter | Small Mirror Tray | Rosanna ‘Heart’ Trinket Dish | Hotel Collection Small / Medium / Large Glass Jars


If I ever needed an excuse to re-organize ( & get some new, really cute items to keep me organized ), this is it.

On Saturday my family & I celebrated Persian New Year ( Nowruz ), which always falls on the first day of Spring, and one of the many traditions in celebrating is cleaning your home.

I LOVE these products because they’re cute & practical. 

The Kate Spade Laundry Bag is perfect for storing dirty clothes you have to take to the dry cleaners, and the 4-Section Laundry Sorter is a REAL time saver because you don’t have to sort your laundry when it’s finally time to wash it.

I LOVE that!

If you haven’t already, check out my #1 tip for cleaning/organizing here.



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My Favorite Cleaning / Organization Tip, Ever!

Best cleaning, organization tip,

[ Anthropologie bowl—similar here ]

If there’s one thing that’ll give me a headache quick, it’s a messy house. I know I’m not alone on this one…

Organization doesn’t come easy to me, so I’m always looking for tips & tricks on how to maintain a clean, organized living space, and this tip is by far the EASIEST, MOST SIMPLE, & MOST HELPFUL tip I’ve ever heard—and it’s SUPER basic.

But aren’t the best ones? ; ) 

Every item should have a home.

Easy right?

I feel like this is Cleaning/Organizing 101 but it’s one of these things everyone knows, but not everyone practices… You know what I mean?

I’m definitely guilty of this myself!

So when I notice something ( that I need to keep ) doesn’t have a home, I make it a home.

In the short term, this helps me clean up my living space, but in the long term, it helps me keep it clean because it’s WAY EASIER for me to put things away when I already know where they belong.

Here are some other tips I love:

  • Clean a little bit each day.
  • Use a timer… If you know you’re cleaning for only 10 minutes it’s way easier to get started. If you clean for longer, great! If you don’t, that’s fine too—a little bit each day is all you need to maintain a clean, organized living space, and that’ll make the “big cleans” WAY easier.
  • Do a big clean every week ( scrub a dub dub! )
  • DONATE, DONATE, DONATE—I LOVE donating clothes, home accessories, etc…
  • Throw it away/recycle it—I’m kind of obsessed with getting rid of things… Like old papers. I LOVE ripping them up & recycling them. I get a high from doing it… LOL, anyone else? No? Silence? ; )
  • Light a candle, treat yourself to fresh, beautiful flowers, and put on some music—It’s SO much easier ( at least for me ) to tidy up while listening to good music & enjoying the smell of an awesome candle. PLUS, if you make your room a place you enjoy spending time in, you’re more likely to keep it clean.
  • Make your bed every morning. This one is great because not only does it make your room look instantly better, it also helps you stay out of bed ; ), AND it’s a easy win to start your day with.

What are your favorite tips? LMK below or on IG. I NEED to hear! ; ) Sharing is caring… ; )

xx! <3,

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Cute Stationery Finds

Cute stationery finds on, #JOYFETTI

For me, stationery matters. When I feel overwhelmed and scattered I take out a pen and paper and jot down every single thing I need to do—think Cady Heron in Mean Girls when she “word vomits” on Aaron Samuels (& then actually vomits… Ick.)

Making lists isn’t new… Everyone & their mother does it. But for me, it’s more enjoyable with fun stationery and a cool pen. Relatable? Shopping for school supplies was always one of my favorite things about back-to-school—that, and shopping for new clothes. That was always #1!

So, here are a few of my favorite stationery finds. If you know of other items, please link to them in the comments below—I’d love to check them out! THANKS!! XO!

  1. Sweet Talk Pens
  2. Good Ideas Notebook Set
  3. Cupcake Paper Clips
  4. Travel Paper Clamps
  5. Printed Paper Clamps
  6. Heart-Shaped Post-It Notes
  7. Post-It Notes Pad
  8. Pink Legal Pad
  9. Stitched Journals
  10. Post-It Pop-Up Refills 
  11. BIC Pink Ballpoint Pens


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JOYFETTI Love List: Fresh, Organic Juice + Bougainvillea

The Plant Cafe in Burlingame on #JOYFETTI

This summer, I’ve been craving fresh, organic juices like this one here, from The Plant Cafe in Burlingame. Truth: when I fly out of SFO I plan my flight (& day) around getting a juice from The Plant Cafe in Terminal 2 before I board… Because it’s THAT GOOD!! Really.

And… Lately, everywhere I look,

whether I’m walking with Minty, driving, or scrolling through Instagram,

I’m ALWAYS looking for: Bougainvillea (these beautiful flowers below 😍!!!)

Bougainvillea on #JOYFETTI

I’m OBSESSED with them—they’re SO gorgeous.

What are your little bits of joy? What are you loving this week? Tell me below! : )




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My 1st Trip to Denver!

Pics of Denver Art Museum on #JOYFETTI

If I had to describe Denver in one word it would be this: GREEN.

There is so much greenery EVERYWHERE—it’s beautiful! Everywhere you look you see bright, green grass and beautiful ( green ) trees. SO GORGEOUS.

PLUS, the architecture in Denver is AMAZING.

Since it was my first time in Denver, I threw on my Nikes first thing in the morning, and ran through the downtown area.

To me, that’s the best way to experience a new city—to run through it. Do you agree?

Cute Nike Kicks on #JOYFETTI

So here are a few photos from my run…

I hope you enjoy them! : )

Denver Art Museum on #JOYFETTI

( My absolute favorite building in Denver: Denver Art Museum. It’s stunning!! Gorgeous from every. single. angle. I’m obsessed. )

Love the architecture in Denver! #JOYFETTI via

( Another cool shot of the architecture. )

The art & architecture in Denver is amazing!! See more at #JOYFETTI

( And an awesome sculpture… Can you picture me ooing and ahing my entire run yet? HA! )

Awesome little pianos all over 16th Street in Denver! See more at #JOYFETTI

There were these adorable, ( super colorful ) little pianos all over 16th Street—”Your Keys to the City” series. This one was my favorites.

Can you spot the teeny unicorn?

( It’s in the bottom right corner : ) So cute. )

So green!! Check out Denver on #JOYFETTI

( So green—I love it! )

So, that was all before work… After work, I walked around and did some more sightseeing…

VooDoo Doughnut on #JOYFETTI

Naturally, I ended up at Voodoo Doughnut… HAHA.

They’re practically Instagram royalty, so I had to check them out and see what all the fuss is about. #GoodResearch ; )

I got 3 doughnuts:

+ Bacon Maple Bar Doughnut ( b/c obviously I’m going to try it—it has bacon! )

+ Voodoo Doll Doughnut ( b/c my experience wouldn’t be complete without it. )

+ & Voodoo Bubble Doughnut ( b/c it’s pretty & pink… HA. )

My thoughts?

I LOVED the Bubble Doughnut. It was DELICIOUS! And the Doll doughnut was amazing too—really good chocolate. Picture this for a moment… You know when you decide “this will be my last bite?” But then you have that last bite, and think, “wait I need another bite of that other one” ( in this case, the other doughnut )?

Well, that happened a few times between the Bubble & Doll doughnuts… I kept going back & forth between the two.

The Bacon doughnut was cool because it had bacon on it—but taste-wise, the other two were WAY better, in my opinion.

These little guys below would’ve happily taken a bite out of any of these 3 though. They were SO adorable!

So shortly after I did my research ( ha )…

It started POURING ( & not a California sprinkle—real rain. )

It was weird because it was still pretty hot & it only lasted about 15 minutes—but I still got soaked.

Anyways, I walked through it because I really wanted to see the Colorado Convention Center Blue Bear.

& I did! : ) Check it out…

CCC Blue Bear on #JOYFETTI

Isn’t he cute!? & so blue!

Overall, I LOVED Denver. If you haven’t visited, or even if you have, I definitely recommend booking a flight and spending some time there.

Beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains! via #JOYFETTI


Shop the post:

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