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A little photography tip

Back in April I was editing photos for this blog post and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get them right.

If you shoot in RAW you know there’s always some editing you want to do in Lightroom to give the photo more brightness and more accurate coloring.

I usually adjust the same settings to various degrees, and it’s good—but this time the coloring was WAY OFF.

I kept playing with it and couldn’t get it right. I was SUPER frustrated. I felt like something had to be off, but couldn’t figure out what it was.

A few years ago, I took a photography class at CSM, and had the most amazing teacher, Barbara, who I’ve kept in touch with, so I texted Barbara, completely stumped, and she completely came through.

P.S. Barbara’s work is AMAZING. Take a look at it here:

So, she told me to check the color space on my camera to make sure it’s set to AdobeRGB. It wasn’t. Of course. It was set to sRGB when I took those photos. At some point it must have changed to sRGB, & I didn’t realize it—maybe my hand hit it.

That’s why I couldn’t get the coloring right. The photos were captured in a limited color space.

If you’re shooting in RAW, make sure the color space on your camera is set to AdobeRGB.

While I export my photos in sRGB when they’re intended for web, I always capture them in AdobeRGB so I have a larger color space to play with in Lightroom. AdobeRGB gives you a larger color space to play with than sRGB.

Since then, I’ve made it a habit to check my color space before I start using my camera, just to make sure it’s still set to AdobeRGB.

Just a little tip that could save you lot of frustration down the road, THANKS to Barbara ; ) Thanks, Barbara!

LMK if you find this helpful & if you’d like more posts about photography. I love getting feedback from you guys.

Thanks for reading! My eyes (& phone) are telling me it’s way past my bedtime so I’m off to shower & crawl into bed. Sweet dreams!


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How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too



I’ve always been into quotes and sayings—and understanding what they mean. So a few years ago ( for about a year or two—pretty crazy! ) I was fixated on a really common saying that “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” And I just kept thinking… “What does that mean? Why can’t you have your cake and eat it too?”

If you’re wondering, a quick Google search will tell you it means “if you eat your cake you won’t have it any more. The point is that if you eat your cake right now you won’t have it to eat later.”

I don’t believe that… LOL.

So I kept thinking about it. And I realized, you CAN—you CAN have your cake and eat it too. You just have to always be baking.

Meaning, you have to always be producing. And when you think about it it makes a lot of sense.

For example:

How can you have money and spend it too? Well, you have to constantly be making money. ( Or at least, making more money than you spend. ) 

“Know how you can have your cake and eat it too? Always be baking” – Bita Ehsanipour

I wanted to share it with you guys because it’s been on my mind a lot lately.

Right now, I think about it as I need to always be producing content. That’s something I’ve been focusing on right now: producing more content for JOYFETTI & JOY Consulting Co.

So, what do you think about the expression “You can’t have your cake & eat it too”? Do you believe it? Or do you agree with my thought that you CAN have your cake & eat it too. You just have to always be baking! ; ) Would love to hear!


Speaking of cake…

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My DIY “Sick Tea” ( you’ll love this! )


[ “do your BEST” mug found here ]

Being sick is never fun, especially during the summer and holidays, & for some reason, I always get sick around NYEThis year I didn’t because apparently I saved it for summer ; )

I got a cold / cough about 2 weeks ago & thought I could shake it off with some Tylenol & Advil. But when it didn’t go away after a few days I remembered this AMAZING tea I made myself last year when I got sick during the holidays ( as usual )

I love it because it’s delicious AND it works.

It eased my throat as soon as I started drinking it & helped me go to sleep so I could finally get better.

But really, the health benefits of this tea are so insane I’m thinking about having it every night.

So… What’s in it?

It’s super simple: just honey, lemon, & grated ginger. That’s it—easy, right?

JOYFETTI DIY %22Sick Tea%22_flat lay, mug, lemon and

Here’s why it works:

We’ve already covered the health benefits of having lemon ( soothing a sore throat is one of them! ) so let’s chat about the benefits of honey & ginger… Sound good? Let’s start with ginger.


+ fights the flu / common cold
+ helps relieve a sore throat
+ kills rhinoviruses, which cause colds in the first place
+ helps with digestion ( & reduces gas )
+ reduces nausea, especially morning sickness
+ reduces pain, including menstrual cramps, headaches, joint pain & stiffness
+ keeps your brain sharp as you age
+ lowers your risk of infections ( it’s especially effective against the oral bacteria that’s linked to inflammatory gum diseases like gingivitis )
+ lowers cholesterol levels
+ & it’s anti-inflammatory properties help reduce muscle pain caused by exercise

LONGGGG list, right? It also increases energy and promotes a healthy complexion & hair, and an overall lower weight. I’m thinking I need to have ginger all day, everyday—sick or not sick. Okay, let’s take a look at honey…


+ reduces cough & throat irritation ( YES! ) & helps fight off a cold
+ helps regulate blood sugar levels ( artificial sweeteners & white sugar DO NOT! )
+ increases athletic performance & provides a quick boost of energy for your workout ( yes, please! )
+ promotes beautiful skin
+ promotes brain health
+ acts as a natural sleep aid
+ & is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal

Basically I should have this tea every night, right? ; )

JOYFETTI DIY %22Sick Tea%22_flat lay,

Here’s how to make JOYFETTI DIY “Sick Tea”

You need:

+ Freshly squeezed lemon juice ( I use 1/2 – 1 lemon )
+ Honey
+ Freshly grated ginger


Add lemon juice, honey & freshly grated ginger to HOT water. & ENJOY!

JOYFETTI DIY %22Sick Tea%22_flat

JOYFETTI DIY %22Sick Tea%22_flat lay, lemon and


If you make this at home, let me know how you like it. I’d love to hear!

Also, if you have any tips for getting rid of a cold / fever, PLEASE share. I need to be prepared for NYE 2017 ; )


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[ So obsessed with this mug… Isn’t it cute!? ]

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Activated Charcoal Soap… What It Is & Why You Need to Try It

Activated Charcoal Soap_What it is, Why You Need It_Yes

Hi Guys,

If you’re on Instagram, you know activated charcoal is all the rage… Charcoal lemonade… Charcoal soap… Charcoal pills… Charcoal toothpaste. It’s everywhere; it’s in everything.

So! I gave it a try, starting with the soap.

My friend at Yes To shared it with me a while ago, along with the Grapefruit Toning Mist I’m OBSESSED with, and it quickly became a favorite.

Best part about it? ( Not really, but it’s cool… ) It doesn’t look girly in my boyfriend’s shower ( LOL ), unlike my razor… ; )

But really, the best part about it is it feels really soft & nourishing for my skin—AND ( !!! ), IT IS. ( Plus the suds are a little black, which is cool and different. )

If you’re not familiar with activated charcoal here’s a bit about it
( & it’s crazy benefits! )

+ It’s a specially processed form of carbon.

+ It’s been used to cure diseases and relieve pain for thousands of years:

“Ancient Egyptians are believed to have used it as a poultice to keep wounds clean; Hindu documents from 450 B.C. discuss charcoal for water filtration. In the 18th century, charcoal was studied by chemists and pharmacists, who were interested in its ability to protect the human body from toxins. Activated carbon is still used today in water filters and as a poison antidote.”

+ Charcoal powder ( which is used in charcoal soap ) absorbs toxins, impurities and excess oil by penetrating deep into our pores. ( hint, hint—an activated charcoal drink could help w/ your hangover )

+ It gently exfoliates skin without leaving residue.

+ Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which means it’s ideal for those of us who struggle with acne, psoriasis and/or eczema.

+ When in comes in contact with water, charcoal powder releases beneficial minerals, such as CALCIUM, POTASSIUM, & MAGNESIUM, creating a soothing, relaxing hot spring-water like effect. Yes! Yes! YES!

Activated Charcoal Soap_What it is, Why You Need It_Yes

I tried Yes To Tomatoes Activated Charcoal Bar Soap ( & loved it! ) but you can make charcoal soap at home, if you’d like. Here’s a DIY recipe you can follow.

BTW—does making soap totally remind you of slumber parties in elementary school? ( It totally does for me! ) All the girls in my 5th grade class & I would have sleepovers with just the girls before our birthday parties ( which included the guys ) and we ALWAYS did a craft activity at night—& of course, we followed that with Truth or Dare… LOL.

Any who… Next up! I want to try charcoal ice cream. It exists! Have you tried it? Tell me allllllll about it if you have. Please? : ) Was it yummy?


On a related note ⇢ if you’re taking prescription medications or supplements, consult with your doctor before drinking activated charcoal or taking activated charcoal pills as they could interfere with your prescription medications or supplements.

Source | Source | Source )

Shop activated charcoal products:

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's

Happy Mother's

Happy Mother's

[ Peek-a-boo! ]

Bita + Minty

Happy Mother's

[ <3!! ]

Fun chalk items:

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Celebrate with Packed Party! 🎊

Packed Party on #JOYFETTI

Last month, I discovered Packed Party, when my cutie friend, Annalisa, sent me this Birthday Beb package. IT WAS LITERALLY LIKE OPENING A PARTY IN A BOX.

You know how kids (and some adults) go crazy for sprinkles?

Well, apparently confetti has the same affect on me (ha! what a surprise 😉 ).

Say Happy Birthday with %22Birthday Beb%22 from Packed Party— #JOYFETTI

And… Their Instagram is so fun⇢ @packedparty : ) Whenever I discover a brand I like, I look them up on Instagram—weird? Does anyone else do this?

Anyways, it got me thinking… DIY Packed Party (💡!!).

What would you put in your #DIY Packed Party?

Tell me below…


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Birthday Brunch @ Mission Rock Resort

Yellow umbrellas at Mission Rock Resort in SF

Brunch is my FAVORITE!

What’s not to love? You’re sipping an ice-cold coffee & cocktail (<< yes, both, haha), enjoying a delicious Benedict (mmmm), chatting with friends, and enjoying the sun and fresh air…


Bloody Mary at Mission Rock Resort in SF

Lately, I’ve been a big fan of Mission Rock Resort. Their Fresh Dungeness Crab Benedict is DELICIOUS & their Bloody Mary (The Bacon Bloody) is one of the best I’ve had—plus, they’re by the water, which I LOVE!! And you can easily walk to AT&T Park from there.

Planting succulents on

So to celebrate my birthday we kept it super casual and enjoyed some of my favorites: brunch, cake (mmm), rooftop pool/hot tub, and planting succulents << haha, aren’t these so cute & teeny!?

Here are a few more pics from the day : ) 💕

Minty peek-a-boo

Cutie Minty playing peek-a-boo 🙈

Adorable birthday cards on

Adorable birthday cards 💌

Birthday Cake


Speaking of cake…

Minty reaaaaally enjoyed her (doggie) cake during her bday photo shoot… And with her doggie friends last Saturday… And again, the next day on her birthday… Haha! So… It’s family detox time? LOL.


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