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Sunday Splash: holiday vibes & pups

If you’re in a pinch & looking for some quick ways to make your place festive for the holidays, I’ve gotcha covered!

Especially if we’re talking Christmas—Arrash is already planning out his santa costume for when we have kids lol talk about planning ahead. So Christmas is a very big deal here ; )

Obviously a Christmas tree will do the trick, but since Cubby started eating our indoor plant (the one in the pics below—it’s an outdoor plant now), we thought it’d be a good idea not to introduce another big tree into our place.

So, we’ve gotten crafty.

One of my favorite ways to get our place christmas-y has been with this pure maple syrup candle. It smells SO good. We got ours at Whole Foods but you can also buy them here. It has this really cozy, christmas feel to it.

[ This candle is so perfect for the holidays. ]

[ My lil’ Cubby bear ]

[ Buds & Cubs }

We’ve also been diffusing peppermint essential oil, which is really fun. It reminds me of candy canes.

Another fun touch? Hanging a wreath outside, on your front door. I love this because it gives everyone a festive feel right before they walk in. Also, the dogs can’t get to it lol. WIN/WIN.

& of course, Christmas music.

We started playing Christmas music the night of Halloween—literally after we got back from taking the kids (my niece & nephew) trick-or-treating lol. Crazy, right? Anyone else start super early?

Oh & our new dot has made this super easy. Alexa’s fun.

It’s basically been Christmas over here for the past month or so ; )

And if you’re looking for a fun recipe, try these nutella-stuffed nutella cookies. I’ve been making them for the past 3 years & they’re always a big hit. They taste like little nutella brownies. Give them a try & let me know what you think.

Okay, dish—how do you like to get festive for the holidays? xx


Here are some more pics with the dogs ; ) 

[ My lil’ Mint chip ]

[ My bud a buds ]

More festive vibes:

Snuggle up in These Cute, Cozy Socks!


[ All from Target & $6 or less! LOVE IT! ]

Hi guys!

If you know me, you know I’m always cold.

My idea of perfect weather is when everyone else is dripping with sweat. 

So, as you can imagine, I’ve been pretty cold the past few weeks. Which is why I started looking for some cute, comfy socks to wear around the house.

Picture yourself snuggled up on the couch in some cute loungewear and a pair of these socks sipping on a hot toddy ( full disclosure… I’ve never tried a hot toddy but I really want to try one! Maybe I’ll make one this week. )

So I went straight to Target ( .com, LOL! ) because I feel like they always have cute, seasonal socks that don’t cost a fortune.

These are all $2-$6 ( !!!! ) LOVE IT!


Okay, I love these because they couldn’t be more perfect for me. Yes, I get hangry. Don’t you? ; )


These are just so cute. I love Santa’s little nose.


Don’t these remind you of candy cane? I love ’em! This shorter version is cute too!


This is perfect when you want to keep your feet warm, but you don’t want to cover your legs. If you like pull-on socks, check these out too!

Okay, if you’ve seen other cute, comfy socks leave a link to them below so we can all check ’em out!

HAPPY ( almost ) THANKSGIVING! : )


Shop ’em here:

3-Ingredient Nutella Stuffed Nutella Cookies (YES!!!)

3-ingredient Nutella stuffed Nutella cookies on, Nutella jars and sprinkles

GUYS!! You HAVE to try these! If you’re looking for an easy recipe for Christmas or for gifts, this recipe is perfect for you. They’re so good, you’ll want to eat them like chips… Aka, they’re delicious and dangerous—you can’t just have one.

I’ve been making these cookies ever since I discovered them on Butter Baking about three years ago, probably on Pinterest, and I’m still obsessed with them.

3-ingredient Nutella stuffed Nutella cookies on, cookies close up

3-ingredient Nutella stuffed Nutella cookies on, sprinkles in Anthropologie bowl

3-ingredient Nutella stuffed Nutella cookies on, sprinkles

3-ingredient Nutella stuffed Nutella cookies on, Nutella

3-ingredient Nutella stuffed Nutella cookies on, Nutella jars

So how can you whip ’em up?

Glad you asked! Here are the deets…


{ makes ~ 50-52 cookies }

+ 3 cups Nutella (2 cups for dough + 1 cup, refrigerated, for stuffing)
+ 2 cups 100% white whole wheat flour (I like to use Baker Josef’s from Trader Joe’s)
+ 2 organic eggs

+ Optional—Sprinkles for decoration (I used Christmas-colored sprinkles so it’d be more festive. If I make these for Valentine’s Day I use heart-shaped sprinkles ; ) Haha—so easy to mix it up!)

(NOTE ⇢ You’ll also need baking/parchment paper. I forgot to get these when I bought the Nutella & had to make another trip to the store (boo!), so I’m telling you now, so hopefully you can avoid this! ; ))


+ Preheat oven to 350° F and line two trays with baking/parchment paper.

+ In a large bowl, mix together two cups Nutella and eggs. Add flour and stir until fully blended. The dough should be pretty thick.

+ Scoop out a teaspoon of dough (I actually use a teaspoon, it makes it easier to get a round shape) and flatten it in your palm. Place on lined baking tray.
+ Put a teaspoon of cold Nutella in center of cookie.
+ Scoop out another teaspoon of dough, flatten it in your palm, place it over the Nutella and press the edges of the two cookies together, sealing them like ravioli. I like to stretch out the top cookie a little more than the bottom cookie so I get cracks on the top (see snapchats below) because it makes it easier for the sprinkles to stick to it.

3-ingredient Nutella stuffed Nutella cookies on, Snapchat screenshot

3-ingredient Nutella stuffed Nutella cookies on, Snapchat screenshot sprinkles

[Snapchat username ⇢ JOYFETTI]

+ Repeat until you’ve used all the cookie dough. (Tip ⇢ To save time, I fill the entire tray with the bottom cookies, place a teaspoon of cold Nutella on each cookie, then add the top cookies.)

+ Bake for 6 minutes. Makes ~ 50-52 cookies. MMMMmmmm!!

If you have extra dough, or want to mix it up a bit you can also make Christmas-themed/shaped cookies, like these (I made these for my niece & nephew):

3-ingredient Nutella stuffed Nutella cookies on, gingerbread and snowflake shaped cookies


3-ingredient Nutella stuffed Nutella cookies on, cookies

3-ingredient Nutella stuffed Nutella cookies on, cookies and milk


Recipe adapted from Butter Baking.

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