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Sunday Splash: Big Sur + Carmel

[ Arrash & I in Big Sur ]

If you’re planning a trip to Carmel (even if it’s just a day trip), you have to check out these places.

Back in June, Arrash & I went to Carmel to celebrate my birthday & we discovered an amazing restaurant and two really cool wine tasting rooms.

Oh & we also tried to hike, but all the trails were closed because of the landslide that happened earlier in the year. Looks like some of them might be opening soon though if you want to check them out!

Since the trails were closed, we just parked on the road and walked by the shore. I loved it! It’s gorgeous there—definitely a great place for a date. If you bring a beach towel & some sandwiches, you can even just lay out at the beach.

Arrash told me to bring a change of clothes so we could go from hiking to dinner—again, apparently it’s a thing now, & luckily I knew exactly what to bring.

After we left Big Sur we went to Carmel for wine tasting. YUM!!

We went to Wrath and tried one of their tasting sets (is that what it’s called? LMK).

My favorite was the 2013 Pinot Noir. Here’s their description of it:

Wrath 2013 SLH Pinot Noir, Santa Lucia Highlands:
fresh palate with bright acidity highlight notes of cherries, dried herbs & raspberries

It was SO good. I usually steer clear of red wines (mostly to keep my teeth white, but also because I love a crisp white wine). But, I couldn’t have enough of this one. It was delicious. Possibly the best red wine I’ve ever had.

Next, we went to Scheid Vineyards, already a little tipsy—whoops ; ) My favorites there were their 2016 Pinot Noir Rose Estate Grown Monterey (a really delicious dry rose) & their 2016 Albarino.

Here’s their description of the Albarino:

2016 Albarino:
Pure and vibrant with lemon-lime aromas, flavors of ripe peaches and apricots, and mouthwatering acidity

Feeling even more buzzed (at least I was), we went to dinner at Montrio Bistro in Monterey—and I kid you not, I think about this one appetizer we had there alllllll the time. Seriously, all the time.

It was their “Mixed Mushrooms” with polenta.

It was so good we ordered it twice.

I randomly get cravings for it, so I’ve had to create some easy ways to get me through them.

Usually, I’ll get some mushroom soup from Whole Foods salad bar or this canned organic cream of mushroom soup, or I’ll sauté some mushrooms with olive oil, salt + pepper, and nutritional yeast. They do the job, but it’s obviously not the same thing. So hopefully we’ll go back there soon & I can order it again ; )

I also really love that their seafood is sustainable and they only use organic local produce. Big fan of that!

Okay, so next time you’re planning a trip to Carmel-by-the-Sea, check out these places:

  • Wrath — try the 2013 SLH Pinot Noir
  • Scheid Vineyards — try their 2016 Pinot Noir Rose & 2016 Albarino
  • Montrio Bistro — order their “Mixed Mushrooms” with polenta (twice!)

LMK if you guys have some places we should check out in Big Sur/Carmel/Monterey. I’d love to check them out next time we’re there.

Okay, I’m off to finish my tea (Yogi Kava Stress Relief—Arrash says I should have this daily), & get ready for bed. Sweet dreams!


[ More pics from Big Sur – this place is gorgeous! ]

Hiking essentials:


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How to go from hike to dinner ( without taking a shower )

EEK, sometimes you gotta do it…

This past Valentine’s Day Arrash & I hiked Big Basin in Boulder Creek ( in Santa Cruz County ), & saw the “natural bridge” at the Natural Bridges State Beach.

& then we went straight to dinner.

Well, technically we stopped by a local restaurant for a drink and an app first, but the point is there was no time for a shower before our vday dinner.

Clearly, Arrash made the plans ; ) LOL

But really… That was part of the fun—hopping from one activity to the other, without spending too much time on hair & makeup.

It was refreshing.

& super exciting! ( it was mostly surprises )

So I had to figure out how to go from hiking to dinner at a restaurant without looking or feeling gross.

[ Arrash & I at the top of Big Basin ]

Here’s what worked for me…

If you’re going straight from hiking to dinner at a restaurant…

Bring these items with you:

  • Baby wipes to wipe your face ( & armpits, LOL, if you want to… Pretty sure I did )
  • Your makeup ( so you can apply fresh makeup before dinner )
  • Deodorant
  • Perfume ( a small bottle or rollerball )
  • A change of clothes for dinner… I recommend bringing a top that doesn’t cling too much and is sleeveless or has cap sleeves ( sleeves after a hike suck because you’re still warm & that can make you sticky… Or is that just me? ) I brought black skinny jeans that I could put on in the car and a vneck. Yes, we changed in the car… So stretchy jeans were KEY. For shoes I wore white Keds. I think going for a casual, effortless-but-cute look makes it SO much easier!

Also, remember to put on sunscreen—so important! 

If you can, choose a restaurant that’s not too fancy so you can get away with a casual look & be comfortable with it.

Avoid curls—choose a hairstyle you can’t mess up while hiking. I went with straight hair. Easy-peasy.

After the hike:

  1. Wipe your face & put on fresh makeup ( if you want to )—point is, don’t leave on old makeup or pile on more makeup without taking it off first. It’s not good for your skin since you’ve been sweating ( it’ll clog your pores ). And layering on more makeup never looks as good as a fresh face, don’t you think?
  2. Apply deodorant & perfume. I took my small perfume bottle but if you have a perfume rollerball that works too! I might do that next time.
  3. Put on your change of clothes & fricken enjoy that dinner. YOU EARNED IT! Have dessert too : ) I did!

Speaking of dinner & dessert… If you guys are in the Bay Area or planning a visit you HAVE to check out the restaurant we went to because I still day dream about the food. It was that good!

We went to Au Midi, a French restaurant in Aptos ( also in Santa Cruz County )

It’s kind of a hidden gem.

From the outside, you’d never know how amazing their food is. It’s drool worthy.

& the experience was perfect!

P.S. when we walked in we saw a lot of French people dinning there, which I always think is a good sign considering it’s a French restaurant. If you go to a Persian restaurant, for example, and there’s no Persian people there… You should find a different restaurant ; )

Here are a few snapshots of what we ate ( demolished )

[ Au Midi’s soup de jour ]

[ Au Midi’s Stuffed Zucchini & Sea Scallops entrees ]

[ Au Midi’s Bergamote dessert. OH MAN, this was good!!!! ]

We started with the soup de jour ( AMAZING! ), and then got two entrees to share ( so we could try more, hahaboth of them were delicious! ), and then we had dessert.

Oh, and we ordered a bottle of wine and some dessert wine, too, to pair with our dessert…

Does anyone else make noises when they eat something they really like? Because I do…

I’m kind of like Wally Mars ( played by Jason Bateman ) in The Switch.

& boy did I make noises eating that dessert… Not sorry about it : )

Okay, I’m off to shower. Chat soon!


[ Loved this wine! ]

“Hike to Dinner” vibes:

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What to Pack for Punta Cana

What to Pack for Punta Cana, Dominican


I hope you enjoyed your weekend. We BBQ’d a little & took Minty into the pool for the FIRST time ( exciting! )—there’s a short clip of her in the pool on her Instagram so if you missed it on Snapchatcheck it out.

I also put together this “what to pack for Punta Cana list.” I spent 5 days in DR a few weeks ago, and COMPLETELY overpacked ( x10 )…

There were 6 of us on the trip, and I was the only one who checked a bag. AND, I still carried more onto the plane than anyone else. It was THAT bad.

But… Now that I know what it’s like to spend a few days at a resort in DR, I’m sharing my tips with you.

ALSO, if you have general packing tips, please share! I need your help. LOL, THANK YOU!

Okay, here’s what to pack:

Bikinis ( lots of them )

You basically live in your bikini all day ( or at least we did ) so bring plenty. We’re off to a good start, aren’t we? HA! ; )

Baby doll dresses / strapless cover-ups

… To throw on top of your bikini. These are super easy and lightweight, which is perfect for DR. The weather’s really hot & you’ll be in your bikini most of the time, so stick with outfits that aren’t too fussy.

Maxi skirts & dresses

I love these for nighttime & dinner.

Crop tops

… To wear with your maxi skirt.  ( A maxi skirt + crop top is one of my favorite looks for spring / summer, in general! )

Flip flops

YES! So easy—slip them on and go. I recommend bringing one for the pool and another pair like these for nighttime.


Did I mention it’s hot there? ; ) Take your sunnies.

A mophie…

I never used a mophie ( much ) before this trip, but now I’m in love! Take one with you to keep your phone charged all day.

Dainty jewelry ( always )

Dainty jewelry is always a good idea. Plus it’s lightweight, which makes it easy to wear in the heat.

Sunscreen + beauty / skincare

Don’t go without sunscreen, OBVIOUSLY!

Other items I recommend…

+ aloe vera ⇢ I SLATHERED sunscreen on my face, multiple times, and still got a little burnt. Take aloe vera with you to soothe and heal any sunburns you might get. Fingers crossed you don’t need, but come prepared.
+ body oils & lotion ⇢ I took so many body oils & lotions, LOL. I LOVE this one body oil.
+ shampoo / conditioner / body wash ⇢ I forgot to bring these but I borrowed a friend’s on our last day & it was sooo nice to have while on our trip—the shampoo / conditioner / body wash there wasn’t that great, so if you’re particular about your hair products and body wash, bring them. Plus it was nice to have a familiar scent from home while on our trip. Weird? I thought it was nice! : ) 

I also sprayed myself with this toning mist all day, every day. Read more about it here.

Also, quick tip—if you’re packing a blowdryer / straightener / curling iron, consider leaving them at home. I brought all three ( surprise, surprise ), and I used my straightener ONCE, and I didn’t even touch my blowdryer or curling iron. You won’t need them.

Okay, have you been to DR? Anything we should add to the list? Let me know below.

Also, where are you going this summer… Any fun trips? Would love to hear!


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Sunday Splash: Dominican Republic, Puppy Love & Our GIVEAWAY Winner!

Sunday Splash_Dominican Republic, Puppy Love & the GIVEAWAY Winner_Flight to Punta Cana, Dominican

[ Our flight into Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We arrived! ]

Hello, hello, hello—HAPPY SUNDAY!

How’s your day been?

Today was my first Sunday back from DR & it felt soooo good! I was so relaxed, so energized, & so not hungover, which was a really nice change from vacationing in DR. We stayed at a resort with swim-up bars in all the pools, soooo… As you can imagine, it was very easy to get drinks.

AND! … SUPER easy to get to the beach, which I loved. We had a view of the ocean every day at lunch ( it was so incredible ), and we could run back and forth from the pool to the ocean in less than a minute. It was AMAZING.

Sunday Splash_Dominican Republic, Puppy Love & the GIVEAWAY Winner_Palm tree in Punta Cana, Dominican

[ My FAVORITE⇢ the ocean—it was so gorgeous, so blue ( ombre blue! ) & super warm. ]

Sunday Splash_Dominican Republic, Puppy Love & the GIVEAWAY Winner_Punta Cana, Dominican

I’m putting together a “What to Pack for Punta Cana” post this week, so stay tuned for that.

&, side note—some of my friends asked me to share some makeup & skincare posts, so stay tuned for more of those in the next few weeks.

I really, really want to know what YOU ( yes, you! ) what to hear about, so please let me know… Comment below, email me ( ) or let me know on social. I want to hear from you. : )

So… Why was today so relaxing?

It’s all about how I started the day.

I got coffee with a few of my girl friends ( LOVEEE ) this morning, & it was SO nice to catch up with them, get a little caffeine buzz & walk Minty.

I feel like a little get-together with the girls is a MUST, right?! Like water… I need it to survive.

After a 3 hour ( LOL, that’s how I like ’em ) coffee date, I sat myself at the computer where I’ve been working for the past 5-6 hours ( not complaining, I love it—& I took breaks here & there. )

I poured myself a big glass of Kombucha—GT’s Guava Goddess—in a champagne flute, opened a bottle of Pellegrino ( LOL, getting wild ; ) ), put on some Cuban music, and lit a citrus candle.

I switched over to JOYFETTI Playlist — Carefree on Spotify a few hours ago to mix it up.

Sunday Splash_Dominican Republic, Puppy Love & the GIVEAWAY Winner_Go-to salad and kombucha in a champ

[ My go-to salad lately ⇢ organic arugula, goat cheese, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, + salt & pepper. So simple & so delicious. ]

The Guava Goddess in the champagne flute looks SO much like a Bellini, right!? I’m kind of into it…

I got a bottle of sauvignon blanc with notes of grapefruit earlier today, & it’s still chilling in the fridge. I just sipped on my Kombucha all day and pretended it was a Bellini. ; ) HAHA. Next time ⇢ definitely GT’s Guava Goddess + champ. YUM!

I had the BEST sauvignon blanc with notes of grapefruit last night, with dinner, so naturally, I picked up a similar bottle so I could have a liiittttle bit more. ; ) I don’t know the name of yesterday’s wine, but I’ll get it for you guys this week so you can try it out if you’d like. It was a-mazingggg.

Sunday Splash_Dominican Republic, Puppy Love & the GIVEAWAY Winner_Minty at the dog

[ Minty found some shade & peace ( HA ) in a little tunnel at the dog park yesterday. Follow her on Instagram for more pics & vids. ]

This week was FULL of doggy play dates and visits to the dog park, which I LOVED! Minty‘s been warming up to dog parks, slowly but surely. She’s making progress, little by little.

I snapped all the fun from yesterday’s dog park, but since we went in the afternoon it’s not in my story anymore, I’m sorry! Follow us on SNAPCHAT so you don’t miss any of the fun. Username ⇢ JOYFETTI

In other news ⇢ we have a WINNER!! Jessica, ( @mommywithtwins7 on Instagram)—congratulations!

Thank you, everyone, who entered the healthy snacks giveaway on Instagram. Let me know… What do you want to see in our next giveaway?

Have a great Sunday night! : )


Shop this post:

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The Most INSANE, AMAZING Grapefruit Mist EVER. I’m Hooked.

The most INSANE, AMAZING Grapefruit Mist EVER. I'm

GUYS! My obsession with this product runs DEEP.

I discovered this product when my friend at Yes To gifted it to me to try, & now, I’m HOOOKED.

What is it?

Glad you asked…

Yes To Grapefruit Correct & Repair Pore Perfection Toning Mist.

Kind of a mouthful, I know… They could’ve just called it Grapefruit Heavenly Mist & that’d be that—because I feel so relaxed AND energized whenever I spray it over my face. It just gives me that “AAAAAAHHHH” feeling. You know? Like euphoria. It’s the BEST.

The most INSANE, AMAZING Grapefruit Mist EVER. I'm hooked._Yes To Grapefruit

[ My fav! SO obsessed! ]

The most INSANE, AMAZING Grapefruit Mist EVER. I'm hooked._Yes To Grapefruit

[ The grapefruit scent makes it super refreshing, which I LOVE. ]

I’ve been spraying it over my face every morning & a few times ( maybe more, haha, definitely more ) throughout the day for months now—never before bed because the citrus smell is super energizing.

Side note… A little tid-bit… I definitely wasn’t a bookworm in middle school nor high school, so sometimes it was a struggle for me to stay up, focus, and get my homework done. Don’t get me wrong, I loved learning ( & still do ) but if a class didn’t spark my interest, I was in trouble. So, I did some research and found citrus smells are a good way to stay up & stay energized… So here’s what I use to do ⇢ I use to peel oranges, tangerines, whatever I could find in the kitchen, and placed the peels alllll over my desk. LOL. It was beautiful… ; ) This mist kind of reminds me of those memories in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE.

Anyways… Since I’m clearly addicted to this mist, I obviously packed it in my suitcase for Dominican Republic ( we went to Punta Cana for 5 days last week ), & shared it with my friends, of course!

I used the mist every morning & throughout the day, especially when I needed to rally for dinner ( because a full day of drinking at the pool & beach can get really tiring, you know? ; ) )

The mist is also super refreshing because it’s infused with vitamin C & gives you a quick jolt of hydration for your skin—which is super necessary in DR. It was HOT!

If you guys haven’t tried it yet, DEFINITELY go to your nearest Target, Walgreens, etc & pick it up, or you can buy it online, here. Easy peasy.

If you’ve tried it, weigh in—should it be called Grapefruit Heavenly Mist? Yes or yes? ; )

XO! Chat soon!


The most INSANE, AMAZING Grapefruit Mist EVER. I'm

[ Minty has to get in every shoot. My little star—she loves the limelight. ; ) ]

More Yes To Grapefruit Products:

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Sunday Splash: Garlic Steak & Martinis


[ A little motivation for the week ; ) ]


Happy Sunday! It’s super hot here in Burlingame ( 73° ) so I’ve been waiting for it to cool down a bit before taking Minty on a walk.

Yesterday was exciting—I tried Espetus in San Francisco for the first time ( it’s a Brazilian Steak House ) & I ate myself into a meat coma…

A group of us went to celebrate our friend’s birthday & it was AMAZING.

Their “gauchos” come to your table with different cuts of meat ( 12 different kinds ) roasted over mesquite, and they slice and serve it to you right then & there. It’s SO good!

My favorite was their garlic steak.

AND, they have a really good salad bar. I was especially into their mango salad.

Wear a baggy shirt if you go, trust me.


[ A little snippet from Snapchat. Add me ( JOYFETTI ) for more quick & easy recipes. ]

Before dinner, we had martinis at Martunis ( a piano / martinis bar in SF )—I had an espresso martini because I was lagging.

They also make a really good extra dirty martini.


[ LOVING all the flowers on our walks lately. It smells amazing outside. ]

& today… I prepped for the week & took a bunch of photos for the blog & my clients.

How was your weekend!? Tell, tell.



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Love List: Prioritizing, Tahoe & Clothing Staples!

do what's most important first

[ I remind myself of this constantly! ]

Guac toast with chili

[ Happy National Toast Day! ; ) ]


Monday was a quick, jolt back to reality—was it not?

This past weekend was filled with celebration, cake, booze, and a lot of skiing (a lot for me, LOL.)

I love skiing—it’s way more fun (& intuitive) for me than snowboarding. If you’re having a hard time with snowboarding, definitely give skiing a shot.

ALSO… Liquid courage, boy oh boy, does that help! I felt like those little kids on the slopes who have no fear. LOL! A drink or two should do the trick. Don’t go overboard. ; )

[ Back in Tahoe… <3 ]

We spent the weekend at Ritz-Carlton Residences, again, which is beauuutiful, and (I LOVE THIS) right on the mountain.

The Big Easy was literally, right outside our window.

Waking up and seeing skiers/snowboarders already on the slopes has it’s pros & cons… On one side it’s pretty cool you can see them, on the other, it’s a reminder you slept in & missed half a day of skiing. BAHAHA. OOPS! #BirthdayBooze #SorryNotSorry

Any who… A little motivation never heart a flee. So Monday morning, I repeated my mantra “do what’s most important first” and tackled the day.

Bi-Rite Ice Cream_Lavendar

[ Favorite Bi-Rite ice cream flavor ⇢ Lavender Honey. MMM! ]

BCBG black tank_Bita

Black BCBG Knit Tank Tiffany Necklace + Hot Tools Titanium Curling Iron << love this! ]

I also opened some packages from Nordstrom, which is ALWAYS fun. Online shopping is pretty amazing… When your package arrives, it kind of feels like you’re opening up a gift, no?

I got a bunch of staples like this black bra (I love how Natori bras fit), Joe’s ‘Flawless – Vixen’ Ankle Skinny Jeans (they’re super tight & dark—perfect for wearing with boots &/or heels), and Zella ‘Live In’ Slim Fit Leggings (which I definitely need to hem b/c I’m a shortie. HA!)

Last night, I started reading The ONE Thing… WHICH IS AMAZING!!! Seriously, I need this book because I’m always trying to do (& launch) 5783478329 million things at once, which is no good. And, I know this. I need help. LOL.

I’m about 1/3 or 1/2 of the way through the book. It’s a quick read, well-written, informative & super interesting. Check it out, & LMK what you think, and if you have other book recommendations for me? I love biographies, non-fiction, & health/wellness books. THANKSSS!! ; )

Also, LMK if you’re interested in hearing more about The ONE Thing. I can do a book review when I’m done.

How’s your week so far? Any juicy stories? Snap me ⇢ Username: JOYFETTI.

XO! <3,

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Ski Trip Must-Haves, going out for dinner/drinks

HI GUYS! Happy Monday!

Hopefully you have a fun ski trip to look forward to.

If you do, here are two outfits for going out for dinner/drinks &/or s’mores (YUM). I wore these two while in Tahoe for NYE & I absolutely loved them! Super comfy AND cute.

Side note ⇢ If you’re going to South Lake Tahoe, I HIGHLY recommend going to Basecamp Pizza for dinner/drinks (recos on what to order here)—& please, bring me back an order of their Thai Chicken Pizza (LOL). Thanksssss! ; )

LOOK 1: Burberry Brit Camel ‘Finsdale’ Wool Duffle Coat | Zella Black ‘Live In’ Slim Fit Leggings | Dark Grey V-Neck Cashmere Sweater | Sorel Black Tofino Boot | Tiffany Gold Hammered Skinny Ring | Tiffany Gold Mini Double Heart Tag Pendant Necklace | Burberry Red ‘Giant Check’ Cashmere Scarf | Softlips Vanilla Chapstick

LOOK 2: Joe’s Dark Skinny Jeans | Black Long V-Neck Cotton Tee | Hunter Black ‘Original Tall’ Rain Boot | Hunter Black Tall Cardigan Knit Cuff Welly Socks | Ray-Ban Gold/Blue ‘Original Aviators’ Sunglasses | The North Face Black Etip Gloves | Eddie Bauer Black MicroTherm StormDown Hooded Jacket

I’m still a newbie when it comes to ski trips (HAHA), so please, if you have recos on what to wear/where to go, comment below. Sharing is caring. ; ) xx!


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What to Wear in Tahoe / Ski Trip Must-Haves, on the Slopes

Under Armour Black Leggings | The North Face Black Jacket | The North Face Purple Ski Pants | GIRO Reflective Ski / Snowboarding Goggles | Smith White Ski / Snowboarding Helmet | Softlips Vanilla Chapstick | Goody Thin Black Hair Ties (so you can wear your hair in pigtail braids while skiing/snowboarding) | The North Face Black Ski / Snowboarding GlovesLong, thick Socks (so you don’t get bruises from the ski boots ; ))


Here are my must-have picks for skiing/snowboarding. Aside from the socks & goggles (which I’m getting for our next ski trip), these are all items I wore/used on our last trip—and I loved them all!

I’m especially obsessed with The North Face pants because they’re super fitted, which I found isn’t that easy to find. HA! So, if you like that fitted look, you’ll LOVE these. : )

OH! & The North Face jacket is 30% off—So snag it before they sell out.

Okay, I’m off to bed! : )

Sweet dreams & stay tuned for more ski trip must-haves for when you’re out & about in The Village.




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Tahoe for NYE 2015 – A quick lil recap

Tahoe for NYE 2015 on joyfetti.com_sunset, Ritz Carlton

[ Gorgeous view of Northstar from our Ritz-Carlton suite ]


Remember when I said I was oddly excited about it being fall/winter? ( Totally unlike me! )

Well, after a few weeks months of FREEZING I kind of started to wish it was summer already… 😁😁😁


Being in Tahoe for NYE & the start of 2016 was REALLY MAGICAL, and if a Tahoe trip, or trips, are in the cards every winter, I’m totally game for a few chilly months.

Quick recap: We stayed at The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe for the first few days, rang in the New Year with champagne & watched the fireworks… Super relaxed & laid back!

The next day, I learned how to ski at Northstar and then the day after I ATE IT at Heavenly, LOL.

Tahoe for NYE 2015 on joyfetti.com_view of Northstar from Ritz Carlton

[ Northstar from our Ritz-Carlton suite ]

That wasn’t the magical part. ; )

Here’s the backstory: We went on greens & easy blues at Northstar… I learned how to “pizza” & move my hips, and built some confidence… & then we went to Marriott’s Timber Lodge the rest of the trip to ski Heavenly ( which was DREAMY!!! 😍😍😍 ).

So it’s my second day of skiing—ever—we go on the California side & do a bunch of blues & then we take a little break on the mountain to have chili & Stellas ( my favorite beer ). We go on one more, quick slope on the California side, and then head to the Nevada side so we can get back on the gondola before it closes.

Here’s where it gets interesting… 🙈

This thoughtful, Heavenly employee tells us we only have 10 minutes to get down to the gondola…

No problem. Right?



Did I mention I’m a newbie?

We end up going on blues I had no business being on, I tumble down like a roly poly ( LOL, twice! ), and take SO long getting down to the gondola, we miss it. And all the lifts are closed.


We end up going down the ENTIRE mountain, ourselves. Very, VERY, slowly.


We take so long the Heavenly team gets down at the same time we do 😂😂😂 ( but they whizz down! Some with pups—super, super cute! )

All in all, it made for a good story, and no one got hurt, except my ego… LOL. ; )

But, I’m actually really happy with how I did. Now that I’ve had a little break, I’m ready to hit the slopes again! ; )

For me, skiing was WAY more enjoyable and intuitive than snowboarding, which I did in high school but never well, LOL. So I’m definitely sticking with the skis!

What do you prefer: skiing or snowboarding?

Tahoe for NYE 2015 on joyfetti.com_skis and snowboard
[ On the lift… Trying really hard not to drop my cell phone. ; ) More on IG ]

Tahoe for NYE 2015 on joyfetti.com_Heavenly sunset

[ Heavenly, from my iPhone—more on IG ]

Tahoe for NYE 2015 on joyfetti.com_Heavenly
[ Gorgeous Heavenly!!! 😍😍😍 via iPhone, more on IG ]

Also, a quick ‘lil food/drink reco if you’re heading to South Lake Tahoe…?

Base Camp Pizza!!

OH. MY. GOD. It’s like I died & went to heaven. LOL. Let me tell you: Before I went, I heard SO many great things about their Thai Chicken Pizza—& you know how sometimes when you finally have something you’ve been hearing such great things about for so long it’s kind of a let down… Like what was all the hype about? NOPE. NOT HERE. You’ll be SO satisfied! I had their pizza ONE NIGHT & all of a sudden, it still hits me: I want need Thai Chicken Pizza. Specially, from Base Camp! ( I have this same feeling about The Sea‘s hamachi shots & salmon… SO GOOD!! ).

This trip also gave me some outfit ideas for Tahoe, so stay tuned for that this week.

XX! Chat soon.


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