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Sunday Splash: I Love the Sunday Snooze

Delicious donut with

( My fav kind of donut ⇢ pink with sprinkles! )

Is it just me, or is there something super soothing about Sunday nights?

Am I crazy?

It’s just so calm & quiet… ( LOL… Do I sound old? )

This month has been very “go, go, go” because we’ve had so many great occasions to celebrate.

But today was definitely a change of pace because like most of my Sundays, it was actually calm ( except for the last few minutes of Game 7. Those were definitely NOT calm. )

This week, I’m looking forward to working on some new projects for JOYFETTI & JOY Consulting Co., getting back into a regular schedule ( hopefully with early mornings! )—& DETOXING, kind of… Mostly from booze & cake. ; )

A little activated charcoal lemonade sounds soooo good right now.

BTW, please LMK if you have a particular brand or place you like to get it from—I’d love to check it out!

Minty turns 2,

( Celebrating Minty‘s 2nd birthday! Check out her 1st birthday photoshoot here, and SUBSCRIBE on YouTube for her birthday video coming soon. : ) )

chips and

( Me, this week… More reason to detox ; ) )

Beats by Dre

( I love these earbuds for running & for listening to music ( usually Spotify ) while working on JF & JCC. PLUS, they come with an awesome case so they don’t tangle up in my purse. )

What are your Sunday nights like? Are you dreading Monday or looking forward to it? Would love to hear!

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday & Father’s Day!



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JOYFETTI Playlist: Energized


Happy St. Patty’s Day! Hopefully you’re enjoying some ice cold Stellas & spicy guac!

Or just the Stellas? I always want the guac too.

Definitely more of a Cinco de Mayo kind of girl. LOL!

ANYWAYS! I feel like energy is SUCH an important “currency”—Right?

Like if you don’t have it, the day kind of sucks… You’re either chugging insane amounts of coffee just to compensate or you’re going through the motions & feeling meh all day.

BUT! When you HAVE it… Your day is fricken AWESOME! Everything gets done, you’re in this happy-go-lucky state of mind, you’re beaming with happiness, and everything just rocks!

Today was one of those meh days… I woke up with MEH energy.

So I did my best to bring it around… I had lemon water in the morning, chugged lots of Pellegrino throughout the day, went on a “walk” with Minty ( if you can call it that, LOL—check it out on Snapchat. Username ⇢ JOYFETTI ), enjoyed lots of fresh air ( it smells amazingggg outside! ) & even went for a quick run.

Another thing that really helped me today was THIS playlist!

The songs in this playlist really “woke” me up, which is exactly the purpose of JOYFETTI Playlist—Energized. Sometimes, you wake up and the energy just isn’t there. This playlist “wakes” me up & gets me out of that sluggish zombie-like state on those days, & on the days that I have energy, it amplifies it.

Check it out & LMK what you think.

Lots of love! xx


More JOYFETTI Playlists: HappyCarefree, Motivated, Determined, & Loved. Check them all out on my Spotify profile, “joyfetti” & please subscribe! : ) xx

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JOYFETTI Playlist: Loved

JOYFETTI Playlist - Loved_on

Hi Loves!!!

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!

Hopefully you’re enjoying some yummy cocktails, chocolates, and sun today. It’s SO warm here in the Bay Area—I LOVE IT!

I’m gearing up for Valentine’s Day tomorrow, which always feels like a 2-day endeavor (LOL), so I can have a relaxing day tomorrow. ; )

BTW, I have a sweet lil recipe to share with you later today so stay tuned for that!

BUT! In the meantime, I’m so excited to share this new JOYFETTI playlist with you. We have our Happy, Carefree, Motivated, and Determined playlists, but for Valentine’s Day weekend I have a very special playlist for you:

JOYFETTI Playlist – Loved

(Listen on SPOTIFY)

So perfect, right?

This playlist has all the right songs for the weekend, regardless of how you spend it. I’ve always loved this holiday because come on… Everything is pink (my fav color LOL), so, what’s not to love? But all joking aside, it’s a day to celebrate any & all types of love.

So, cheers to you!

XO! Love Always,

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JOYFETTI Playlist: Determined


Happy 2016!

This year I’m focusing on building habits rather than just listing out my resolutions. Here’s an example ⇢ Instead of saying, “I want a six pack, I want to be more in shape, I want to be more toned, etc” I’m building the habit of waking up early and working out, daily—and the habit of drinking a green smoothie every day, and eating a salad every day… You get the point.

Is it easy? Nope! But building new habits is the only way to create lasting change.

It also takes motivation.

While the vision of me with toned abs is GREAT, it doesn’t motivate me enough to break a sweat before the sun’s up. So what motivates me to push through an early morning workout?


I put together this playlist especially for making me feel DETERMINED. This playlist is great for busting through workouts, and work projects.

Check it out on Spotify & LMK what you think

⇣ ⇣ ⇣

JOYFETTI Playlist: Determined


If you want to mix it up, check out JOYFETTI Playlist: Motivated for your next workout << this one’s great for early morning workouts too!



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Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential on

My love (er, obsession) with TSC is somewhat of a joke among my friends—because it’s INTENSE. If you haven’t heard about The Skinny Confidential, please let me introduce you… It’s my favorite blog.

That’s how my spiel always starts.

(Also, I think my eyes light up when I talk about it…)

Lauryn Evarts of TSC on #JOYFETTI

Let me elaborate: it’s this awesome lifestyle blog with tips and tricks from Lauryn Evarts, who’s a super talented, whitty, go-getter. I look forward to her blogs, daily. And I visit her blog MULTIPLE TIMES PER DAY. And I’m not ashamed to admit it because it’s that good.

I came across TSC three years ago when I was looking for lifestyle bloggers in San Diego for my client at the time (iTAN Sun Spray Spa—they’re awesome! Definitely check them out if/when you’re in SD). I knew TSC was going to be a huge success. And I say this not to toot my own horn, but to toot Lauryn’s: I was right. Lauryn and TSC are a HUGE SUCCESS.

And it doesn’t stop with her blog. Really, that’s just where it all starts.

Since 2012, Lauryn has launched a successful blog design company, authored and published a killer lifestyle book, and most recently, launched a fitness program and community: Bombshell Body Guide. Needless to say when she invited me to try a complimentary membership, I JUMPED ON IT, after squealing, of course.


The Skinny Confidential x JOYFETTI on, #JOYFETTI

I’ve always loved Lauryn’s clean, simple approach to food. Her recipes are light, tasty, easy to make, and only require a few ingredients… #WINNING! (Anyone else just have a Charlie Sheen flashback? Whoops! Sorry!)

Lauryn’s Bombshell Body Guide is loaded with light, tasty recipes. AND, LOADED with workouts. It’s seriously like opening a piñata she keeps refilling—because she adds new content to the guide every month.

3 Ingredient Pancakes on #JOYFETTI

So, to celebrate TSC’s Bombshell Body Guide I’m sharing Lauryn’s take on the pancake—pancakes are so silly… Who decided it’s okay to have cake for breakfast so long as it doesn’t have custard or frosting? Personally, if I’m having cake, I want the custard too… But, Lauryn’s pancakes are different. They’re healthy. Yup, they’re healthy! And they only have THREE ingredients!! I told you—so easy. All you need are eggs, banana, and chia seeds. SO YUM! They’re gluten-free and delicious.

Brunch inspo_3 Ingredient Pancakes on #JOYFETTI

3 Ingredient Pancakes

+ 1 banana
+ 1 egg
+ 1 tablespoon chia seeds
+ 1 tablespoon ground flax seed (< optional, I added this b/c I’m obsessed with seeds!)

(Note: the original recipe calls for two eggs, but I prefer using one.)

Blend ingredients together. Warm pan to medium heat with a little coconut oil. Cook pancakes for 30-60 seconds on each side. Stack on a plate. Smack your lips. & enjoy! I usually add a little cinnamon on top and fresh fruit.

Click here for step-by-step directions from Lauryn herself, and here for more deets about her Bombshell Body Guide.

Little note for Lauryn if you’re reading this: thank you for inspiring me and making me laugh, daily. You’re awesome!


PC: 1 | 2

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JOYFETTI Playlist: Motivated

JOYFETTI Playlist, Motivated - on, #JOYFETTI

15+ years of school can really instill some strong associations…

Like, May/June = end of school = summer vacation (now, hopefully some time off!)

& August/September = start of school = fresh start = new beginnings.

Watermelon and chia seeds on, #JOYFETTI

[Skinny snack ⇢ watermelon + chia seeds]

To me, a new beginning is an opportunity to reflect on what I want, and to go after it—kind of like setting my New Years Resolutions… It’s basically NYE in August, without a New Years kiss. ; ) 😘💋

Minty on, #JOYFETTI #MintyMondays

[Minty getting reaaaaaal close w/ Lamb Chop 😂]

So, I created this playlist to get me in the right mindset to knock-out my to-do lists (yes, plural, LOL) and accomplish my goals—plus, it makes for a kick-ass workout playlist!

Every song in this playlist makes me feel like I just chugged a Venti Ice Coffee—I feel motivated to take on the day and to get the most out of it.

Check it out on Spotify ⇢ JOYFETTI Playlist: Motivated

& peep these other JOYFETTI Playlists below!

⇣ ⇣ ⇣

JOYFETTI Playlist: Carefree

JOYFETTI Playlist: Happy

I hope you enjoy it! : )


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My 1st Trip to Denver!

Pics of Denver Art Museum on #JOYFETTI

If I had to describe Denver in one word it would be this: GREEN.

There is so much greenery EVERYWHERE—it’s beautiful! Everywhere you look you see bright, green grass and beautiful ( green ) trees. SO GORGEOUS.

PLUS, the architecture in Denver is AMAZING.

Since it was my first time in Denver, I threw on my Nikes first thing in the morning, and ran through the downtown area.

To me, that’s the best way to experience a new city—to run through it. Do you agree?

Cute Nike Kicks on #JOYFETTI

So here are a few photos from my run…

I hope you enjoy them! : )

Denver Art Museum on #JOYFETTI

( My absolute favorite building in Denver: Denver Art Museum. It’s stunning!! Gorgeous from every. single. angle. I’m obsessed. )

Love the architecture in Denver! #JOYFETTI via

( Another cool shot of the architecture. )

The art & architecture in Denver is amazing!! See more at #JOYFETTI

( And an awesome sculpture… Can you picture me ooing and ahing my entire run yet? HA! )

Awesome little pianos all over 16th Street in Denver! See more at #JOYFETTI

There were these adorable, ( super colorful ) little pianos all over 16th Street—”Your Keys to the City” series. This one was my favorites.

Can you spot the teeny unicorn?

( It’s in the bottom right corner : ) So cute. )

So green!! Check out Denver on #JOYFETTI

( So green—I love it! )

So, that was all before work… After work, I walked around and did some more sightseeing…

VooDoo Doughnut on #JOYFETTI

Naturally, I ended up at Voodoo Doughnut… HAHA.

They’re practically Instagram royalty, so I had to check them out and see what all the fuss is about. #GoodResearch ; )

I got 3 doughnuts:

+ Bacon Maple Bar Doughnut ( b/c obviously I’m going to try it—it has bacon! )

+ Voodoo Doll Doughnut ( b/c my experience wouldn’t be complete without it. )

+ & Voodoo Bubble Doughnut ( b/c it’s pretty & pink… HA. )

My thoughts?

I LOVED the Bubble Doughnut. It was DELICIOUS! And the Doll doughnut was amazing too—really good chocolate. Picture this for a moment… You know when you decide “this will be my last bite?” But then you have that last bite, and think, “wait I need another bite of that other one” ( in this case, the other doughnut )?

Well, that happened a few times between the Bubble & Doll doughnuts… I kept going back & forth between the two.

The Bacon doughnut was cool because it had bacon on it—but taste-wise, the other two were WAY better, in my opinion.

These little guys below would’ve happily taken a bite out of any of these 3 though. They were SO adorable!

So shortly after I did my research ( ha )…

It started POURING ( & not a California sprinkle—real rain. )

It was weird because it was still pretty hot & it only lasted about 15 minutes—but I still got soaked.

Anyways, I walked through it because I really wanted to see the Colorado Convention Center Blue Bear.

& I did! : ) Check it out…

CCC Blue Bear on #JOYFETTI

Isn’t he cute!? & so blue!

Overall, I LOVED Denver. If you haven’t visited, or even if you have, I definitely recommend booking a flight and spending some time there.

Beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains! via #JOYFETTI


Shop the post:

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JOYFETTI Playlist: Carefree

JOYFETTI playlist - carefree, on #JOYFETTI


To me, summer is all about living life carefree.

Backyard BBQs with close friends and family… Refreshing cocktails… Pool parties… Lounging in the sunshine… Vacations & exploring new places…


So this month, I brought together some of my favorite songs that evoke that carefree, summer spirit! & voila ⇢ we have JOYFETTI Playlist: Carefree.

Listen on SPOTIFY!

Happy Summer, Babes!

JOYFETTI Playlist-Carefree on #JOYFETTI

Can’t wait to grill this pineapple this weekend!

Pretty flowers #JOYFETTI

Pretty flowers while walking with Minty.


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At-home gym essentials on joyfetti.com_flat lay

Lately, I’ve been really into working out at home.

I can work out at 5 a.m. in the morning—without having to brace the cold and drive in the dark.

I can squeeze in a quick one when I’m pressed for time.

And little Minty can relax close by, or do her own workouts… 😂

At-home gym essentials on joyfetti.com_Minty on yoga mat

I LOVE this picture from when she was a wee baby (~ 7 months). She still thinks the yoga mat is hers… LOL.

So, here are my must-haves for getting the most out of my at-home workouts:

+ Yoga mat (<< of course!)

+ Free weights

+ Foam roller (<< I love this one from Kayla Itsines)—having a foam roller at home has been AMAZING! Anytime I feel a little tight, I can grab my foam roller & roll it out. Done! (Hopefully 😂)

+ Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide (<< this is where I get most of my soreness from. HA!)

+ Ankle weights (<< LOVE these for butt work-outs—donkey kicks, etc…)

+ Fingerless weight lifting gloves


+ Water, of course

+ Chapstick

At-home gym essentials on joyfetti.com_LARABAR

This is hands down my favorite grab-and-go snack bar: Larabar Peanut Butter Cookie.


It’s yummy…




What do you use when you work out at home?


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JOYFETTI Playlist: Happy

JOYFETTI Playlist - Happy, on

The quickest way to get instantly, incredibly happy…?

Keys to a Porsche.

⇣ ⇣ ⇣

Second way:

An awesome song.

JOYFETTI Playlist - Happy, on - play it on your iPad

Don’t you love how a great song can completely pick-up your mood?

Sometimes, I play music with the sole intention of getting myself into the mood I want to be in—my target mood (ha!).

So I’ve been putting together playlists that do just that.

⇣ ⇣ ⇣

Here’s the playlist I turn to when I want to be:



JOYFETTI Playlist - Happy, on, listen on Spotify

What songs would you add?

Tell, tell!


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