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JOYFETTI Playlist: Motivated

JOYFETTI Playlist, Motivated - on, #JOYFETTI

15+ years of school can really instill some strong associations…

Like, May/June = end of school = summer vacation (now, hopefully some time off!)

& August/September = start of school = fresh start = new beginnings.

Watermelon and chia seeds on, #JOYFETTI

[Skinny snack ⇢ watermelon + chia seeds]

To me, a new beginning is an opportunity to reflect on what I want, and to go after it—kind of like setting my New Years Resolutions… It’s basically NYE in August, without a New Years kiss. ; ) 😘💋

Minty on, #JOYFETTI #MintyMondays

[Minty getting reaaaaaal close w/ Lamb Chop 😂]

So, I created this playlist to get me in the right mindset to knock-out my to-do lists (yes, plural, LOL) and accomplish my goals—plus, it makes for a kick-ass workout playlist!

Every song in this playlist makes me feel like I just chugged a Venti Ice Coffee—I feel motivated to take on the day and to get the most out of it.

Check it out on Spotify ⇢ JOYFETTI Playlist: Motivated

& peep these other JOYFETTI Playlists below!

⇣ ⇣ ⇣

JOYFETTI Playlist: Carefree

JOYFETTI Playlist: Happy

I hope you enjoy it! : )


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My 1st Trip to Denver!

Pics of Denver Art Museum on #JOYFETTI

If I had to describe Denver in one word it would be this: GREEN.

There is so much greenery EVERYWHERE—it’s beautiful! Everywhere you look you see bright, green grass and beautiful ( green ) trees. SO GORGEOUS.

PLUS, the architecture in Denver is AMAZING.

Since it was my first time in Denver, I threw on my Nikes first thing in the morning, and ran through the downtown area.

To me, that’s the best way to experience a new city—to run through it. Do you agree?

Cute Nike Kicks on #JOYFETTI

So here are a few photos from my run…

I hope you enjoy them! : )

Denver Art Museum on #JOYFETTI

( My absolute favorite building in Denver: Denver Art Museum. It’s stunning!! Gorgeous from every. single. angle. I’m obsessed. )

Love the architecture in Denver! #JOYFETTI via

( Another cool shot of the architecture. )

The art & architecture in Denver is amazing!! See more at #JOYFETTI

( And an awesome sculpture… Can you picture me ooing and ahing my entire run yet? HA! )

Awesome little pianos all over 16th Street in Denver! See more at #JOYFETTI

There were these adorable, ( super colorful ) little pianos all over 16th Street—”Your Keys to the City” series. This one was my favorites.

Can you spot the teeny unicorn?

( It’s in the bottom right corner : ) So cute. )

So green!! Check out Denver on #JOYFETTI

( So green—I love it! )

So, that was all before work… After work, I walked around and did some more sightseeing…

VooDoo Doughnut on #JOYFETTI

Naturally, I ended up at Voodoo Doughnut… HAHA.

They’re practically Instagram royalty, so I had to check them out and see what all the fuss is about. #GoodResearch ; )

I got 3 doughnuts:

+ Bacon Maple Bar Doughnut ( b/c obviously I’m going to try it—it has bacon! )

+ Voodoo Doll Doughnut ( b/c my experience wouldn’t be complete without it. )

+ & Voodoo Bubble Doughnut ( b/c it’s pretty & pink… HA. )

My thoughts?

I LOVED the Bubble Doughnut. It was DELICIOUS! And the Doll doughnut was amazing too—really good chocolate. Picture this for a moment… You know when you decide “this will be my last bite?” But then you have that last bite, and think, “wait I need another bite of that other one” ( in this case, the other doughnut )?

Well, that happened a few times between the Bubble & Doll doughnuts… I kept going back & forth between the two.

The Bacon doughnut was cool because it had bacon on it—but taste-wise, the other two were WAY better, in my opinion.

These little guys below would’ve happily taken a bite out of any of these 3 though. They were SO adorable!

So shortly after I did my research ( ha )…

It started POURING ( & not a California sprinkle—real rain. )

It was weird because it was still pretty hot & it only lasted about 15 minutes—but I still got soaked.

Anyways, I walked through it because I really wanted to see the Colorado Convention Center Blue Bear.

& I did! : ) Check it out…

CCC Blue Bear on #JOYFETTI

Isn’t he cute!? & so blue!

Overall, I LOVED Denver. If you haven’t visited, or even if you have, I definitely recommend booking a flight and spending some time there.

Beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains! via #JOYFETTI


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JOYFETTI Playlist: Carefree

JOYFETTI playlist - carefree, on #JOYFETTI


To me, summer is all about living life carefree.

Backyard BBQs with close friends and family… Refreshing cocktails… Pool parties… Lounging in the sunshine… Vacations & exploring new places…


So this month, I brought together some of my favorite songs that evoke that carefree, summer spirit! & voila ⇢ we have JOYFETTI Playlist: Carefree.

Listen on SPOTIFY!

Happy Summer, Babes!

JOYFETTI Playlist-Carefree on #JOYFETTI

Can’t wait to grill this pineapple this weekend!

Pretty flowers #JOYFETTI

Pretty flowers while walking with Minty.


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At-home gym essentials on joyfetti.com_flat lay

Lately, I’ve been really into working out at home.

I can work out at 5 a.m. in the morning—without having to brace the cold and drive in the dark.

I can squeeze in a quick one when I’m pressed for time.

And little Minty can relax close by, or do her own workouts… 😂

At-home gym essentials on joyfetti.com_Minty on yoga mat

I LOVE this picture from when she was a wee baby (~ 7 months). She still thinks the yoga mat is hers… LOL.

So, here are my must-haves for getting the most out of my at-home workouts:

+ Yoga mat (<< of course!)

+ Free weights

+ Foam roller (<< I love this one from Kayla Itsines)—having a foam roller at home has been AMAZING! Anytime I feel a little tight, I can grab my foam roller & roll it out. Done! (Hopefully 😂)

+ Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide (<< this is where I get most of my soreness from. HA!)

+ Ankle weights (<< LOVE these for butt work-outs—donkey kicks, etc…)

+ Fingerless weight lifting gloves


+ Water, of course

+ Chapstick

At-home gym essentials on joyfetti.com_LARABAR

This is hands down my favorite grab-and-go snack bar: Larabar Peanut Butter Cookie.


It’s yummy…




What do you use when you work out at home?


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JOYFETTI Playlist: Happy

JOYFETTI Playlist - Happy, on

The quickest way to get instantly, incredibly happy…?

Keys to a Porsche.

⇣ ⇣ ⇣

Second way:

An awesome song.

JOYFETTI Playlist - Happy, on - play it on your iPad

Don’t you love how a great song can completely pick-up your mood?

Sometimes, I play music with the sole intention of getting myself into the mood I want to be in—my target mood (ha!).

So I’ve been putting together playlists that do just that.

⇣ ⇣ ⇣

Here’s the playlist I turn to when I want to be:



JOYFETTI Playlist - Happy, on, listen on Spotify

What songs would you add?

Tell, tell!


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