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Grapeseed oil FTW: the best makeup remover EVER

We have two “soap dispensers” in our bathroom—one is branded, and it’s full of soap (normal), and the other one is this glass soap dispenser I filled with grapeseed oil, because I use it as makeup remover.

If you don’t already do this, this little trick will blow your mind.

I’ve been using grapeseed oil as makeup remover for years now & it literally swoops my makeup right off. Even my mascara. & EVEN the makeup I wear to weddings. It’s that good.

When we moved into our last apartment, I ordered us a bunch of bathroom accessories, like this glass soap dispenser, so I could make it easier to use the grapeseed oil. Genius, right? ; )

Arrash & my dad have both mistaken it as hand soap, but only once in a over a year—so I feel like the odds are good, but some confusion might happen if you put it on your bathroom counter. If you can deal with that, it’s totally worth it. (It’s worth it!) You’ll save so much time washing your face. It’s super efficient, & it actually feels good. I’ve never had any other makeup remover feel good, have you?

Here’s how I use to remove my makeup: I squirt some in my hand (thanks to the soap dispenser) & rub it all over my face. Then I splash water on my face & wash it like I would with any other face wash.

Because it’s an oil, & I don’t want it to get in my eyes, I’ll lather a bar of soap and lightly wash my eyelids, and then continue washing the rest of my face. After I’m done washing my face, I put some more grapeseed oil on my face as a moisturizer before bed, kind of like a night serum.

It’s super moisturizing, so even on days I don’t wear makeup, I’ll still put grapeseed oil on my face before I go to bed. Sometimes I even add a little bit to my body lotion before I put it on—I just mix it in my palm.

Like most things, you can find some pretty big claims on grapeseed oil’s benefits if you do a quick Google search.

Here’s why I use it:

  • It literally swoops my makeup right off
  • It’s moisturizing
  • Our skin can absorb it easily
  • It doesn’t clog pores (coconut oil can)
  • It contains antioxidants, fights free radicals & promotes youthful-looking skin (WIN!)

Bonus: it’s also known to treat acne & tighten skin.

Give it a try next time you’re washing off your makeup & LMK how you like it!


[ My fave eyeliner by far! ]

Shop my makeup:


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A Fun Surprise With POPSUGAR Must Have Box


[ Minty modeling ; ) ]


[ POPSUGAR September Must Have Box full of goodies!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! ]

You guys, a few weeks ago I did a little—no, BIG ( LOL, let’s be honest )—happy dance when I got the POPSUGAR September Must Have Box in the mail.

POPSUGAR was hosting this little promo with bloggers so I entered thinking who knows, maybeeee I’ll get selected LOL. I didn’t know if I’d make the cut.

And no, I’m not having a little boo-hoo me moment, trust me, I’m not…

It’s just the idea of getting the POPSUGAR Box sounded SO amazing I KNEW there’d be a bunch of bloggers trying to get in on the promo.

So when the box actually came in the mail… I was… Surprised.

And SOOOO happy. LOL. Can you blame me?

I feel like the fun thing about subscription boxes is it breaks up your routine… You know? Sometimes work / life / school it can feel too routine, like you’re on a hamster wheel, just going through the motions… So a fun package in the mail is a very welcomed surprise.

That’s part of the fun with online shopping too, right? You get a rush when you buy something, and another rush when it arrives in the mail. Pretty awesome.


[ Awesome Briogeo deep conditioning mask from the box. It smells sooooo good AND it works! ]


[ These GFB Bites, also from the box, were delicious! ]

BUT! The best part about the POPSUGAR Must Have Box? They send you items you actually WANT.

So simple, right? LOL. They nail it with the products.

For example… I’d been eyeing this Briogeo deep conditioning mask for monthssss. Why didn’t I buy it yet? No idea.

It’s all over Instagram and I kept thinking “OMG I have to try this” but I didn’t get it yet.

It was in the box. POPSUGAR to the rescue. LOL.

It smells aaaamazing AND it works. I was SO, SO excited!!



[ Minty wanted in on the fun, too. HA! ]

Another standout? I’ve been slacking on my at-home manis so this adorable NCLA Mani E.R. kit came right in time. I think it was a sign I have to get back on it…?

But really, take a look…?

Isn’t it the perfect kit to take with you on the go? In your purse… On a vacation… To have in your car? It’s perfect. Right?

I’m super excited about it! And I’m definitely taking it with me on my next trip.


So hopefully this has been fun ( LOL )… Hearing about how excited / obsessed / happy I am that POPSUGAR sent me this Must Have Box to try, but I’m REALLY exited I get to share the fun with you too!

POPSUGAR gave me a special coupon code ( SHOP5 ) so you can get $5 off your FIRST POPSUGAR Must Have Box. SO COOL, right? P.S. I’m not getting a commission off the code, just sharing the fun! Plus, I feel like it’s an awesome gift to give someone during the holidays!

You can see what was in previous boxes in “Past Boxes” here if you want to take a peek! It’s fun!

I LOVE this item from the July box. So cute!

Okay, dish… What are you hoping will be in the October Box? Let’s guess… : ) Leave a comment on Instagram with #MustHaveBox.



Shop POPSUGAR Must Have Box products:

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How to Do a Better At-Home Manicure ( Expert Tips! )

How to Do a Better At-Home Manicure ( Expert Tips! )

How to Do a Better At-Home Manicure ( Expert Tips! )_flatlay

[ Pink cuticle pusherSolarOil Nail & Cuticle Conditioner, & 4 step buffing blocks ]

I SUCK at painting my nails—& I finally accept it.

I’d much rather go to the salon… Relax, get a spa pedicure ( & MASSAGE! ) and a manicure from a professional.

But, unfortunately, I can’t always go to the salon. I’ve been trying to save money and with scheduling, sometimes a trip to the salon just doesn’t happen.

So my friend Stephanie taught me how to do a manicure at home & I’ve been doing it between salon visits.

Back story ⇢ Steph & I use to work together when we were both studying at San Diego State & she use to do an AMAZING manicure on herself during her breaks ( she got her cosmetology license before attending SDSU, so she has a lot of experience with everything beauty. )

So, obviously I went to her when I needed tips on how to give myself a manicure.

I don’t usually paint my own nails ( because I’m SO bad at it, LOL ), but I do everything that leads up to it—& then I use this nail strengthener & top coat.

Okay, let’s dive in!

How to Do a Better At-Home Manicure ( Expert Tips! )

1. Shaping & smoothing your nails

First off, this little buffer block I discovered on Amazon is THE BEST.

Basically, it has 4 different sides, each with a different texture so you can buff your nails, remove ridges, and make your nails shiny before you paint them.


I use it along with this nail file & nail clipper to get the shape I like.

How to Do a Better At-Home Manicure ( Expert Tips! )_file nail

How to Do a Better At-Home Manicure ( Expert Tips! )_remove

How to Do a Better At-Home Manicure ( Expert Tips! )_smooth

[ LOVE this little buffer block! ]

How to Do a Better At-Home Manicure ( Expert Tips! )

[ FAVS ⇢ SolarOil Nail & Cuticle Conditioner, OPI Nail Strengthener, & RapiDry Top Coat ]

2. Fixing your cuticles

Next up, cuticles.

I use to push my cuticles down with this tool, but it was SO bad for that—because it’s not meant for it, so I usually ended up with bloody cuticles. EW.

This plastic cuticle pusher is WAY better! I use it to push my cuticles down & then I use this cuticle nipper to delicately ( LOL ) nip them off.

Stephanie recommended applying a cuticle oil in-between nail treatments. She says, “typically the more hydrated your nail beds are, the longer the polish will last!” She recommended Solar Oil so I tried it out & I absolutely love it. I use it all the time.

How to Do a Better At-Home Manicure ( Expert Tips! )_cuticle

How to Do a Better At-Home Manicure ( Expert Tips! )_after cuticle

[ SolarOil Nail & Cuticle Conditioner ]

3. Painting your nails

Here are Stephanie’s tips for actually painting your nails ( the part I’m REALLY bad at ):

  1. Use a base coat—this will help your nail polish stay intact. ( I like this nail strengthening one by OPI because my nails are super weak and I want to make them stronger. )
  2. Erase mistakes by dipping a tiny brush into nail polish remover.
  3. Use a fast drying top coat—Try OPI RapiDry ( I tried it & love it! )

If for some reason I HAVE to paint my own nails I go with a pale pink ( this one is my go-to ) or a nude because it’s easier to get away with mistakes when using pale colors. A bold red, not so much.

How to Do a Better At-Home Manicure ( Expert Tips! )_essie nail

If you use these tips, let me know how they work for you. I’d love to hear! You can also show me on Snapchat and Instagram & Twitter by tagging @JOYFETTI.

Do you have any tips? Tell, tell! : )


Shop my at-home manicure essentials:

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Cute Makeup Bags

Cute makeup bags,

… & they’re all under $30 ( !!! )

My compact broke recently ( in the worst place ever… In my car… It was parked ) & the powder got allllllll over my makeup bag. I’m sure you can relate?

SO, I found the upside & started browsing for a cute, new bag. ( LOL )

Here are a few on my wish list:

1 ) This classic, simple, all-black cosmetic bag by Bobby Brown 

It’s on sale! BTW : ) I love this one because it LITERALLY goes with everything. I know we’re not talking about a dress or a clutch, or shoes, but I love how you can throw this in ANY bag and it won’t clash with it. Kind of nice, don’t you think? I’m all about this one!

2 ) This fun & flirty hot pink pouch

How fun is this pouch? I love the playful font & bold color.

3 ) This playful cosmetic case

Doesn’t this SCREAM New York? I like that about it. Plus, it’s BRIGHT yellow so hopefully, if / when ( definitely WHEN ) I misplace it, it’ll be easier to find—right?

4 ) This cute & quirky LeSportsac cosmetic pouch

I love the pattern & the playful colors.

So… Which one of these do you guys like the most?


Shop these bags:

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Airbrush Tanning: There’s No Such Thing as an “Organic” Spray Tan

Airbrush Tanning_There's No Such Thing as an %22Organic%22 Spray


By now you probably know I always ( ALWAYS! ) read the ingredients on packages and buy organic produce whenever possible ( especially if it doesn’t have a peel! )

So when I started seeing “organic sunless tanning” all over Instagram it got my attention… & not just because I work in the industry—Evolv Tan ( the only heated airbrush tanning system in the world ) is a JOY Consulting Co. client—BUT, because I’ve had my fair share of spray tans & I equate “organic” with being more healthy… & I think a lot of people do, which is why some brands in the tanning industry are using the term. But they’re doing so wrongfully… Keep reading.

I researched “organic” tanning & what I found was really disappointing.

There’s no such thing as an organic spray tan.

This news release from Ecocert sums it up perfectly. Here are a few statements from the release:

“Ecocert does NOT certify ‘organic’ DHA (Dihydroxyacetone)” 


“any representation by a seller of tanning products that they use
‘Eco Certified (Eco-Cert) organic DHA’,
‘Organic Ecocert-certified DHA’
or other similar wording is
false and misleading to the consumer.”

YEAH. It is…

To put it bluntly, there’s no such thing as organic DHA, at least, not YET… & all these tanning companies that claim to be organic, contain DHA.

In case you’re wondering, I’m not getting paid to share this and it wasn’t requested by my client. I’m sharing this with you because it’s relevant… And it pisses me off. ( Let’s keep it blunt, shall we? )

Airbrush Tanning_There's No Such Thing as an %22Organic%22 Spray Tan_San Francisco,

[ BKR water bottle | top ( similar ) | maxi skirt ( similar ) | Ray-Ban aviators ]

I hate when advertisers market unhealthy foods ( like cereal bars and snacks ) as health foods. And to me, this is the same marketing stunt, applied to beauty. And it’s not just tanning… We see it throughout the beauty and skincare industry. In a recent Refashion podcast, the founder of Fjordlife, Brittany Haavalsrud, shared just how unregulated the entire beauty industry is ⇢ a brand can market their product as natural as long as the product contains ONE natural ingredient—& that could be water… WHAT!?

Ridiculous, right? It’s absolutely nuts.

I’m not a fan of being lied to ( who is? ), so when I see a salon or airbrush solution marketing itself as being “organic” it’s a big turn-off, to me. What’s your take on this? I’d love to hear…


Shop my look: 

[ PC ]

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Activated Charcoal Soap… What It Is & Why You Need to Try It

Activated Charcoal Soap_What it is, Why You Need It_Yes

Hi Guys,

If you’re on Instagram, you know activated charcoal is all the rage… Charcoal lemonade… Charcoal soap… Charcoal pills… Charcoal toothpaste. It’s everywhere; it’s in everything.

So! I gave it a try, starting with the soap.

My friend at Yes To shared it with me a while ago, along with the Grapefruit Toning Mist I’m OBSESSED with, and it quickly became a favorite.

Best part about it? ( Not really, but it’s cool… ) It doesn’t look girly in my boyfriend’s shower ( LOL ), unlike my razor… ; )

But really, the best part about it is it feels really soft & nourishing for my skin—AND ( !!! ), IT IS. ( Plus the suds are a little black, which is cool and different. )

If you’re not familiar with activated charcoal here’s a bit about it
( & it’s crazy benefits! )

+ It’s a specially processed form of carbon.

+ It’s been used to cure diseases and relieve pain for thousands of years:

“Ancient Egyptians are believed to have used it as a poultice to keep wounds clean; Hindu documents from 450 B.C. discuss charcoal for water filtration. In the 18th century, charcoal was studied by chemists and pharmacists, who were interested in its ability to protect the human body from toxins. Activated carbon is still used today in water filters and as a poison antidote.”

+ Charcoal powder ( which is used in charcoal soap ) absorbs toxins, impurities and excess oil by penetrating deep into our pores. ( hint, hint—an activated charcoal drink could help w/ your hangover )

+ It gently exfoliates skin without leaving residue.

+ Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which means it’s ideal for those of us who struggle with acne, psoriasis and/or eczema.

+ When in comes in contact with water, charcoal powder releases beneficial minerals, such as CALCIUM, POTASSIUM, & MAGNESIUM, creating a soothing, relaxing hot spring-water like effect. Yes! Yes! YES!

Activated Charcoal Soap_What it is, Why You Need It_Yes

I tried Yes To Tomatoes Activated Charcoal Bar Soap ( & loved it! ) but you can make charcoal soap at home, if you’d like. Here’s a DIY recipe you can follow.

BTW—does making soap totally remind you of slumber parties in elementary school? ( It totally does for me! ) All the girls in my 5th grade class & I would have sleepovers with just the girls before our birthday parties ( which included the guys ) and we ALWAYS did a craft activity at night—& of course, we followed that with Truth or Dare… LOL.

Any who… Next up! I want to try charcoal ice cream. It exists! Have you tried it? Tell me allllllll about it if you have. Please? : ) Was it yummy?


On a related note ⇢ if you’re taking prescription medications or supplements, consult with your doctor before drinking activated charcoal or taking activated charcoal pills as they could interfere with your prescription medications or supplements.

Source | Source | Source )

Shop activated charcoal products:

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The Most INSANE, AMAZING Grapefruit Mist EVER. I’m Hooked.

The most INSANE, AMAZING Grapefruit Mist EVER. I'm

GUYS! My obsession with this product runs DEEP.

I discovered this product when my friend at Yes To gifted it to me to try, & now, I’m HOOOKED.

What is it?

Glad you asked…

Yes To Grapefruit Correct & Repair Pore Perfection Toning Mist.

Kind of a mouthful, I know… They could’ve just called it Grapefruit Heavenly Mist & that’d be that—because I feel so relaxed AND energized whenever I spray it over my face. It just gives me that “AAAAAAHHHH” feeling. You know? Like euphoria. It’s the BEST.

The most INSANE, AMAZING Grapefruit Mist EVER. I'm hooked._Yes To Grapefruit

[ My fav! SO obsessed! ]

The most INSANE, AMAZING Grapefruit Mist EVER. I'm hooked._Yes To Grapefruit

[ The grapefruit scent makes it super refreshing, which I LOVE. ]

I’ve been spraying it over my face every morning & a few times ( maybe more, haha, definitely more ) throughout the day for months now—never before bed because the citrus smell is super energizing.

Side note… A little tid-bit… I definitely wasn’t a bookworm in middle school nor high school, so sometimes it was a struggle for me to stay up, focus, and get my homework done. Don’t get me wrong, I loved learning ( & still do ) but if a class didn’t spark my interest, I was in trouble. So, I did some research and found citrus smells are a good way to stay up & stay energized… So here’s what I use to do ⇢ I use to peel oranges, tangerines, whatever I could find in the kitchen, and placed the peels alllll over my desk. LOL. It was beautiful… ; ) This mist kind of reminds me of those memories in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE.

Anyways… Since I’m clearly addicted to this mist, I obviously packed it in my suitcase for Dominican Republic ( we went to Punta Cana for 5 days last week ), & shared it with my friends, of course!

I used the mist every morning & throughout the day, especially when I needed to rally for dinner ( because a full day of drinking at the pool & beach can get really tiring, you know? ; ) )

The mist is also super refreshing because it’s infused with vitamin C & gives you a quick jolt of hydration for your skin—which is super necessary in DR. It was HOT!

If you guys haven’t tried it yet, DEFINITELY go to your nearest Target, Walgreens, etc & pick it up, or you can buy it online, here. Easy peasy.

If you’ve tried it, weigh in—should it be called Grapefruit Heavenly Mist? Yes or yes? ; )

XO! Chat soon!


The most INSANE, AMAZING Grapefruit Mist EVER. I'm

[ Minty has to get in every shoot. My little star—she loves the limelight. ; ) ]

More Yes To Grapefruit Products:

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You’ll Never Forget to Floss After You Read This…



Here I am, blogging at night, again.

But this time it’s actually pretty perfect that it’s almost time for bed, because we’re talking about FLOSS.

& it’s about to x-rated.

Not really, but kind of…

Let’s jump in, shall we?

Picture this:

It’s late at night, you’re dragging your feet, & getting ready for bed sounds like a real chore so you think to yourself, “Eh… I’ll floss tomorrow… I’m exhaaaauuuusted. It’ll be fine…”

Everybody. Right…?

Well, haha, good luck getting into bed without flossing after tonight.

About a year ago, my hygienist, Judy ( whom I LOVE—I’ve been going to her for as long as I can remember ), shared this little metaphor with me & it’s been haunting me ever since, in the best way possible.

She said:

“Not flossing is like not cleaning your private parts.”

UH… Deer in the headlights.


I was not expecting that.

Basically, this little metaphor nips any idea I have about skipping flossing right in the butt. Because, EW.

I keep floss everywhere now—in my makeup stand, my bathroom, makeup bag, everywhere

You'll Never Forget to Floss After You Read This_joyfetti.com_2

LOL. Thanks, Judy. That definitely did the trick.

Sweet dreams, guys! Remember your floss. ; )


You'll Never Forget to Floss After You Read This_joyfetti.com_3

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Effortless 4th of July Looks

Which look would you choose? - Fourth of July looks on #JOYFETTI

Eeek!! It’s almost the 4th!

There’s something about the 4th of July that gets me super excited.

Actually, there are many things:

BBQs; day parties with family/friends; BBQs (Haha! This one’s very important…); the beautiful fireworks; and, of course, dressing up in RED, WHITE & BLUE!

PLUS, it’s one of those holidays that’s fun to celebrate at any age—I have the best memories of 4th of July picnics at the park with all my cousins when we were kids, and getting splashed by the waves at Fisherman’s Wharf one year and thinking it was the most hilarious thing ever. And, I love the energy in the community… Everyone coming together to celebrate the U.S. & our independence—there’s a positive, feel-good vibe among most people, don’t you think? It’s nice. Maybe it’s the booze… 😉 Anyways, I dig it.

So getting back to dressing up in red, white, & blue…


If it’s hot enough (which hopefully it will be), I’m definitely rocking a bikini all day/night. Likely, one of the two looks above…

Which one would you go for: left or right?

Shop the looks:

LOOK 1 (left-side)

+ Blue chevron bikini (similar)

+ White shorts (similar)

Gold/blue Ray-Ban aviators

+ Red OPI nail polish

LOOK 2 (right-side)

+ American flag bikini

+ High-waisted denim shorts (similar)

+ Gold Ray-Ban aviators

+ White OPI nail polish


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