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Podcasts I’m loving right now


Switching gears from the other day—I want to share some of my favorite podcasts with you.

These are podcasts I’ve been listening to for months now & am still obsessed with!

Full disclosure… I discovered Tony Robbins’ podcast about a month ago. But before that I was constantly listening to his YouTube videos—so there’s that ; ) I’m really glad he has a podcast—he’s so good!

Here’s a quick blurb about each podcast & why I enjoy it so much:

  • WHAT IT IS: Shopify Masters provides the knowledge and inspiration you need to build, launch and grow a profitable online store. Join host Felix Thea each week as he interviews successful ecommerce entrepreneurs and unpacks how they’re building businesses that allow them to live the life they want.”
  • WHY I LOVE IT: I love learning about ecommerce and how these brands built their online businesses. Also, the host of the podcast, Felix, asks really great questions so I get a lot info & great insight from each episode. He’s an awesome interviewer!

  • WHAT IT IS: “‘Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one?’ Tony Robbins, the #1 Life and Business Strategist, has helped over 50 million people from 100 countries create real and lasting change in their lives. In this podcast, he shares proven strategies and tactics so you, too, can achieve massive results in your business, relationships, health and finances. In addition to excerpts from his signature events and other exclusive, never-before-released audio content, Tony and his team also conduct deeply insightful interviews with the most prominent masterminds and experts on the global stage”
  • WHY I LOVE IT: I love the way I feel after listening to Tony Robbins—I feel motivated, determined and so much more energized, and I LOVE learning about his strategies! He does a really great job communicating them in a constructive, positive way.

  • WHAT IT IS: “On each episode, Nasty Gal founder and author of #Girlboss Sophia Amoruso interviews world-class girlbosses who have made their mark in creative, cultural, and business ventures to extract solid advice from the lessons they’ve learned along the way.”
  • WHY I LOVE IT: I love hearing about the guests’ first job. This is a question Sophia asks every guest in the beginning of the episode & it’s always super interesting to hear. I also enjoy hearing their story about how they got to where they are professionally, and their Girlboss Moment. I love the overall vibe that Sophia brings to the podcast and the conversations she has with the guests. The guests are awesome! ( Heads up, Girlboss Radio is “on hiatus” until March since they’re working on the Girlboss Rally )

  • WHAT IT IS: “The Art of Charm Podcast is where self-motivated guys and gals, just like you, come to learn from a diverse mix of experienced mentors, including the world’s best professional and academic minds, scientists, relationship experts, entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, and other badasses.”
  • WHY I LOVE IT: I like the variety of topics on the podcast. I also love that it’s focused on growth, and that a lot of the content is backed by science and psychology.

I usually listen to podcasts when I’m driving or while I’m doing something routine… For example: doing dishes, cleaning the house, folding laundry, showering, doing my makeup, straightening or curling my hair, doing my nails, walking Minty, stretching, cooking, etc… You get it : )

Since doing dishes, cooking & showering are all pretty loud, I connect my phone’s bluetooth to our Amazon Tap so I can play the podcast louder & hear it more clearly—I love Amazon Tap for music too! It’s really good!

Okay, spill… What are your favorite podcasts?


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JOYFETTI Playlist: Energized


Happy St. Patty’s Day! Hopefully you’re enjoying some ice cold Stellas & spicy guac!

Or just the Stellas? I always want the guac too.

Definitely more of a Cinco de Mayo kind of girl. LOL!

ANYWAYS! I feel like energy is SUCH an important “currency”—Right?

Like if you don’t have it, the day kind of sucks… You’re either chugging insane amounts of coffee just to compensate or you’re going through the motions & feeling meh all day.

BUT! When you HAVE it… Your day is fricken AWESOME! Everything gets done, you’re in this happy-go-lucky state of mind, you’re beaming with happiness, and everything just rocks!

Today was one of those meh days… I woke up with MEH energy.

So I did my best to bring it around… I had lemon water in the morning, chugged lots of Pellegrino throughout the day, went on a “walk” with Minty ( if you can call it that, LOL—check it out on Snapchat. Username ⇢ JOYFETTI ), enjoyed lots of fresh air ( it smells amazingggg outside! ) & even went for a quick run.

Another thing that really helped me today was THIS playlist!

The songs in this playlist really “woke” me up, which is exactly the purpose of JOYFETTI Playlist—Energized. Sometimes, you wake up and the energy just isn’t there. This playlist “wakes” me up & gets me out of that sluggish zombie-like state on those days, & on the days that I have energy, it amplifies it.

Check it out & LMK what you think.

Lots of love! xx


More JOYFETTI Playlists: HappyCarefree, Motivated, Determined, & Loved. Check them all out on my Spotify profile, “joyfetti” & please subscribe! : ) xx

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JOYFETTI Playlist: Loved

JOYFETTI Playlist - Loved_on

Hi Loves!!!

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!

Hopefully you’re enjoying some yummy cocktails, chocolates, and sun today. It’s SO warm here in the Bay Area—I LOVE IT!

I’m gearing up for Valentine’s Day tomorrow, which always feels like a 2-day endeavor (LOL), so I can have a relaxing day tomorrow. ; )

BTW, I have a sweet lil recipe to share with you later today so stay tuned for that!

BUT! In the meantime, I’m so excited to share this new JOYFETTI playlist with you. We have our Happy, Carefree, Motivated, and Determined playlists, but for Valentine’s Day weekend I have a very special playlist for you:

JOYFETTI Playlist – Loved

(Listen on SPOTIFY)

So perfect, right?

This playlist has all the right songs for the weekend, regardless of how you spend it. I’ve always loved this holiday because come on… Everything is pink (my fav color LOL), so, what’s not to love? But all joking aside, it’s a day to celebrate any & all types of love.

So, cheers to you!

XO! Love Always,

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JOYFETTI Playlist: Determined


Happy 2016!

This year I’m focusing on building habits rather than just listing out my resolutions. Here’s an example ⇢ Instead of saying, “I want a six pack, I want to be more in shape, I want to be more toned, etc” I’m building the habit of waking up early and working out, daily—and the habit of drinking a green smoothie every day, and eating a salad every day… You get the point.

Is it easy? Nope! But building new habits is the only way to create lasting change.

It also takes motivation.

While the vision of me with toned abs is GREAT, it doesn’t motivate me enough to break a sweat before the sun’s up. So what motivates me to push through an early morning workout?


I put together this playlist especially for making me feel DETERMINED. This playlist is great for busting through workouts, and work projects.

Check it out on Spotify & LMK what you think

⇣ ⇣ ⇣

JOYFETTI Playlist: Determined


If you want to mix it up, check out JOYFETTI Playlist: Motivated for your next workout << this one’s great for early morning workouts too!



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JOYFETTI Playlist: Motivated

JOYFETTI Playlist, Motivated - on, #JOYFETTI

15+ years of school can really instill some strong associations…

Like, May/June = end of school = summer vacation (now, hopefully some time off!)

& August/September = start of school = fresh start = new beginnings.

Watermelon and chia seeds on, #JOYFETTI

[Skinny snack ⇢ watermelon + chia seeds]

To me, a new beginning is an opportunity to reflect on what I want, and to go after it—kind of like setting my New Years Resolutions… It’s basically NYE in August, without a New Years kiss. ; ) 😘💋

Minty on, #JOYFETTI #MintyMondays

[Minty getting reaaaaaal close w/ Lamb Chop 😂]

So, I created this playlist to get me in the right mindset to knock-out my to-do lists (yes, plural, LOL) and accomplish my goals—plus, it makes for a kick-ass workout playlist!

Every song in this playlist makes me feel like I just chugged a Venti Ice Coffee—I feel motivated to take on the day and to get the most out of it.

Check it out on Spotify ⇢ JOYFETTI Playlist: Motivated

& peep these other JOYFETTI Playlists below!

⇣ ⇣ ⇣

JOYFETTI Playlist: Carefree

JOYFETTI Playlist: Happy

I hope you enjoy it! : )


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JOYFETTI Playlist: Carefree

JOYFETTI playlist - carefree, on #JOYFETTI


To me, summer is all about living life carefree.

Backyard BBQs with close friends and family… Refreshing cocktails… Pool parties… Lounging in the sunshine… Vacations & exploring new places…


So this month, I brought together some of my favorite songs that evoke that carefree, summer spirit! & voila ⇢ we have JOYFETTI Playlist: Carefree.

Listen on SPOTIFY!

Happy Summer, Babes!

JOYFETTI Playlist-Carefree on #JOYFETTI

Can’t wait to grill this pineapple this weekend!

Pretty flowers #JOYFETTI

Pretty flowers while walking with Minty.


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JOYFETTI Playlist: Happy

JOYFETTI Playlist - Happy, on

The quickest way to get instantly, incredibly happy…?

Keys to a Porsche.

⇣ ⇣ ⇣

Second way:

An awesome song.

JOYFETTI Playlist - Happy, on - play it on your iPad

Don’t you love how a great song can completely pick-up your mood?

Sometimes, I play music with the sole intention of getting myself into the mood I want to be in—my target mood (ha!).

So I’ve been putting together playlists that do just that.

⇣ ⇣ ⇣

Here’s the playlist I turn to when I want to be:



JOYFETTI Playlist - Happy, on, listen on Spotify

What songs would you add?

Tell, tell!


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