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Bikini Meals: Fresh, Minted Watermelon & Lime Juice

Fresh, minted watermelon & lime juice on, #bikinimeals

My favorite drink to whip up this summer?


this fresh, minted watermelon & lime juice!

It’s so refreshing… So filling… & feels oh so summer-y!

Best part? It doesn’t cause bloating—so you still look & feel amazing in your sexy two-piece.



+ 1 cup fresh watermelon, cut into cubes (this makes it easier to blend)

+ A handful of fresh mint (YUM!!)

+ Juice of 1 lime


Throw all ingredients into a blender & blend! (For a few seconds…)

Ta-daaaaa! 😹 super easy!


Check back next Saturday for another fresh, Bikini Meals recipe!

Happy Weekend! 💋


#BikiniMeals 👙

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Light & Skinny Summer Snack — Blueberry Jicama Salad

The perfect skinny, summer snack!! Blueberry Jicama Salad on #JOYFETTI

This snack is so easy to whip up, it’s silly…

Plus, it’s light, refreshing & filling.

(& the jicama gives it a fun ‘lil crunch!)



+ 1 cup jicama, cut into cubes

+ Lemon juice from 1 lemon

+ Lime juice from 1/2 lime

+ 1 cup organic blueberries

+ Grated pepper to taste (I like Rainbow Peppercorns from Trader Joe’s)

( ^ you can change up the ratios if you’d like, of course!)

⇣ ⇣ ⇣

RECIPE (if you can call it that LOL):

+ Pour lemon and lime juice over jicama, add pepper, & toss for about a minute

+ Add organic blueberries


(Told you it was easy! ; ))

The perfect skinny, summer snack! Blueberry Jicama Salad on #JOYFETTI

So turn up JOYFETTI Playlist: Carefree on Spotify, whip up this yummy, skinny snack, & ENJOY your weekend! : ) 💕 XOXO


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Superfood Spotlight: Coconut Water

Superfood Spotlight on Coconut Water on #JOYFETTI


1st, a little throw back…

I vividly remember being in our small, teeny apartment in Pacific Beach (in San Diego, California) my first year out of college, and STARING at one of my friends with complete disgust (lol) and confusion as she casually chugged a huge (MASSIVE!) container of coconut water the morning after we all went out to the bars.

Fast forward 4 years and SEVERAL attempts of wanting SO BADLY to find some love for coconut water, I’ve FINALLY found a way (several ways) to enjoy it!

So why’d I try so hard to like it all these years? Because of it’s health benefits.

Coconut water experienced it’s moment in the spotlight a few years ago and during that time it was positioned as being liquid gold. Is it? No. But it does have valid benefits, including the following:

+ It’s great for rehydration

+ It’s rich in potassium (a 330mL/11.2 fl oz container of coconut water, like the ones pictured above, provide 19% of your recommended daily intake (rdi) of potassium. To put things into perspective, a medium-sized banana provides 12%)

Plus, it also…

+ provides calcium (4% dpi)

+ and magnesium (4% dpi)

So here’s how coconut water & I get along… 👯

I add it to my:

+ smoothies (<< this is by far my favorite way to enjoy it!)

+ healthy popsicles

+ & sometimes, my iced coffee


How do you enjoy your coconut water? If you drink it straight, more power to you… I haven’t gotten there yet. ; )

If you have a recipe that uses coconut water please link to it below—I’d love to check it out!


Shop smoothie & popsicle favorites:

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Bikini Meals: Shrimp Ceviche

Bikini Meals_Shrimp Ceviche on, aerial shot

I’ve been bringing shrimp ceviche to summer parties / BBQs for years now! Why? Because it’s light, easy to make, and delicious!


It’s the perfect meal if you’re bikini-clad…

Shrimp ceviche is full of water-filled veggies (cucumber & avocado), so it fills you up without making you feel bloated.

( Tip—leave out the onions if you want to avoid onion breathe 🙊😉 )

Bikini Meals_Shrimp Ceviche on, close-up

Here’s the quick & easy recipe:

Serves 6-8


+ 2 lbs cooked medium shrimp

+ 2 tbsp salt

+ 3/4 cup lime juice (3-6 limes)

+ 3/4 cup lemon juice (3-6 lemons)

+ 1 cup finely chopped red onion

+ 1 serrano pepper, ribs & seeds removed (b/c they’re extremely SPICY!!!), minced

( Quick, little tip… I use gloves when working with the serrano pepper because the spice stays on your fingers even after you’ve washed your hands a few times, and I’ve DEFINITELY burned my eyes because of it. )

+ 1 cup chopped cilantro

+ 1 cucumber, diced into 1/2-inch pieced

+ 1 avocado, peeled, seed removed, cut into 1/2-inch chunks

Bikini Meals_Shrimp Ceviche on, close-up bowl


+ Place cooked shrimp in glass or ceramic bowl and mix in lime & lemon juice. Cover & refrigerate for a half hour.

+ Mix in chopped red onion & serrano pepper. Refrigerate an additional half hour.

+ Right before serving ( mmmmm ), add the cilantro, cucumber, & avocado!


ENJOY! : )


#BikiniMeals 👙


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Superfood Spotlight: Avocado

Superfood Spotlight on avocado on

No one has to convince me to eat an avocado… (they’re delicious!)


If they did…

Hearing these 4 benefits would do the trick!

+ It’s Nutrient-dense: here are a few standouts… A single California avocado contains a TON of fiber (36% of your recommended daily intake (rdi)), vitamin B-6 (20% rdi) and vitamin C (33% rdi). It has nearly 2x the potassium of a banana (19% rdi vs. 1 medium banana (7″ to 8″ long) at 12% rdi), AND, it provides you with some magnesium (9%) << I’ll take it! Basically, an avocado has as much nutrients as it has flavor.

Mmmmm… Avocado. Haha! Okay, next up…

+ It’s a HEALTHY fat: yes, these do exist! ; ) Fat is good for you—if it’s the right kind. Your body NEEDS healthy fats. Healthy fats help to increase GOOD cholesterol (HDL), give you energy, and support cell growth. They also help your body absorb nutrients, and produce important hormones. Healthy fats mostly come from vegetables, nuts, seeds and fish.

+ It stabilizes blood sugar levels (<< this is great for fitness, health & weight loss!): avocado slows digestion, which keeps blood sugar from spiking after a meal. Why does this matter? Because a well-balanced blood sugar level can improve your overall fitness and health, regulate your hormones, trigger your body to burn stored fat (YES!), and increase your metabolism (WIN!) to help you lose weight. Pretty cool, right!?

+ It keeps you full longer (<< hellooo, weight loss!): a recent study led by Dr. Joan Sabate, Chair of the Department of Nutrition at Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California, (and funded by Hass Avocado Board, surprise, surprise 😉) found that participants who added half of a fresh avocado to their lunch were 40% less likely to want a snack within 3 hours after lunch, and 28% less likely to want a snack within 5 hours after lunch, than those that didn’t enjoy the beauty that is avocado during lunch (ha!). Good news!! Right!?


Show of hands:

Who’s ready for some avocado?


& who want’s to see an avocado Emoji? Haha, I kid, kinda.


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Superfood Spotlight: Lemons & Limes

Lemons and limes on

Lemons & limes are arguably two of the most versatile, and accessible, superfoods!


Let’s take a look at some of their superpowers:

+ High in vitamin C (lemon > lime)

+ Good source of pectin fiber

+ Good source of folate (a B vitamin, also known as “folic acid”)

+ Reduce hunger cravings (hello, fiber!)

+ Help detoxify your body

+ Help soothe a sore throat (lemon)

Plus… They compliment and bring out the flavors in our favorite eats + sips—yum!


So, here are a few ways I enjoy these superfoods:

I add them to…

+ Water (hot or cold)

+ Tea

+ Fresh juice (OBSESSED with The Plant Cafe‘s “Healthy Sunrise” & “Immune Builder” juices!)

+ Homemade lemonade

+ Soup

+ Fish

+ Ceviche

+ Salsa

+ Guacamole

+ Salad

+ Quinoa

Pretty much anything, and everything😂—they’re super versatile!


How do you enjoy lemons & limes? If you’re thinking with a shot of tequila… Ah, you’re my kind of girl/guy! ; )


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Open-faced PB&J (with superseeds!!)

Open-faced PB&J with chia and ground flax seeds on

Don’t you get warm fuzzies when you think of PB&J?

Think elementary school, recess, lunches by the jungle gym, opening up a packed lunch from mom, with crusts cut off (HA!)

This classic is too good to pass up just because we’re adults now!

Open-faced PB&J with superseeds on

SOI’m super excited to share my take on the classic PB&J!

I give up the excess sugar, make a few tweaks, and invite my buddies, chia & ground flax seedshello, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber & magnesium! It’s a party in your mouth, without the guilt.

Here’s what you need:

+ Organic Gluten Free Brown Rice Bread (I get “Food for Life” from Trader Joe’s), toasted (I like it super crunchy!)
+ Trader Joe’s Organic Raspberry Fruit Spread
+ Trader Joe’s Organic Peanut Butter, creamy no salt (For JOYFETTI PB, mix in chia and ground flax seeds—so good!)
+ Chia Seeds
+ Ground Flax Seeds (I like Spectrum Essentials Organic Ground Flaxseeds)

I hope you enjoy it!



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SUPERFOOD SPOTLIGHT: Chia & Ground Flax Seeds

Chia & Ground Flax Seeds on JOYFETTI

Ever since I discovered the health benefits of chia and ground flax seeds I sprinkle them on EVERYTHING.

Here are the 3 big benefits that stand out to me:

They’re rich in…

+ Omega-3 fatty acids (ALA)

+ Fiber

+ Magnesium


Chia and ground flax seeds_IMG_4639

So, here are some fun, easy ways I incorporate these superseeds into my eats and sips!

I add them to:

+ Smoothies

+ Peanut butter (<< more on this tomorrow—can’t wait to share this one!)

+ Kombucha (<< I love GT’s raspberry kombucha with chia seeds)

+ Oatmeal

+ Jam/jelly

+ Yogurt

+ Granola/cereal

+ Protein shakes


How do you get your chia/ground flax seed fix?


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