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Love List: Prioritizing, Tahoe & Clothing Staples!

do what's most important first

[ I remind myself of this constantly! ]

Guac toast with chili

[ Happy National Toast Day! ; ) ]


Monday was a quick, jolt back to reality—was it not?

This past weekend was filled with celebration, cake, booze, and a lot of skiing (a lot for me, LOL.)

I love skiing—it’s way more fun (& intuitive) for me than snowboarding. If you’re having a hard time with snowboarding, definitely give skiing a shot.

ALSO… Liquid courage, boy oh boy, does that help! I felt like those little kids on the slopes who have no fear. LOL! A drink or two should do the trick. Don’t go overboard. ; )

[ Back in Tahoe… <3 ]

We spent the weekend at Ritz-Carlton Residences, again, which is beauuutiful, and (I LOVE THIS) right on the mountain.

The Big Easy was literally, right outside our window.

Waking up and seeing skiers/snowboarders already on the slopes has it’s pros & cons… On one side it’s pretty cool you can see them, on the other, it’s a reminder you slept in & missed half a day of skiing. BAHAHA. OOPS! #BirthdayBooze #SorryNotSorry

Any who… A little motivation never heart a flee. So Monday morning, I repeated my mantra “do what’s most important first” and tackled the day.

Bi-Rite Ice Cream_Lavendar

[ Favorite Bi-Rite ice cream flavor ⇢ Lavender Honey. MMM! ]

BCBG black tank_Bita

Black BCBG Knit Tank Tiffany Necklace + Hot Tools Titanium Curling Iron << love this! ]

I also opened some packages from Nordstrom, which is ALWAYS fun. Online shopping is pretty amazing… When your package arrives, it kind of feels like you’re opening up a gift, no?

I got a bunch of staples like this black bra (I love how Natori bras fit), Joe’s ‘Flawless – Vixen’ Ankle Skinny Jeans (they’re super tight & dark—perfect for wearing with boots &/or heels), and Zella ‘Live In’ Slim Fit Leggings (which I definitely need to hem b/c I’m a shortie. HA!)

Last night, I started reading The ONE Thing… WHICH IS AMAZING!!! Seriously, I need this book because I’m always trying to do (& launch) 5783478329 million things at once, which is no good. And, I know this. I need help. LOL.

I’m about 1/3 or 1/2 of the way through the book. It’s a quick read, well-written, informative & super interesting. Check it out, & LMK what you think, and if you have other book recommendations for me? I love biographies, non-fiction, & health/wellness books. THANKSSS!! ; )

Also, LMK if you’re interested in hearing more about The ONE Thing. I can do a book review when I’m done.

How’s your week so far? Any juicy stories? Snap me ⇢ Username: JOYFETTI.

XO! <3,

What to Wear in Tahoe / Ski Trip Must-Haves, on the Slopes

Under Armour Black Leggings | The North Face Black Jacket | The North Face Purple Ski Pants | GIRO Reflective Ski / Snowboarding Goggles | Smith White Ski / Snowboarding Helmet | Softlips Vanilla Chapstick | Goody Thin Black Hair Ties (so you can wear your hair in pigtail braids while skiing/snowboarding) | The North Face Black Ski / Snowboarding GlovesLong, thick Socks (so you don’t get bruises from the ski boots ; ))


Here are my must-have picks for skiing/snowboarding. Aside from the socks & goggles (which I’m getting for our next ski trip), these are all items I wore/used on our last trip—and I loved them all!

I’m especially obsessed with The North Face pants because they’re super fitted, which I found isn’t that easy to find. HA! So, if you like that fitted look, you’ll LOVE these. : )

OH! & The North Face jacket is 30% off—So snag it before they sell out.

Okay, I’m off to bed! : )

Sweet dreams & stay tuned for more ski trip must-haves for when you’re out & about in The Village.




Tahoe for NYE 2015 – A quick lil recap

Tahoe for NYE 2015 on joyfetti.com_sunset, Ritz Carlton

[ Gorgeous view of Northstar from our Ritz-Carlton suite ]


Remember when I said I was oddly excited about it being fall/winter? ( Totally unlike me! )

Well, after a few weeks months of FREEZING I kind of started to wish it was summer already… 😁😁😁


Being in Tahoe for NYE & the start of 2016 was REALLY MAGICAL, and if a Tahoe trip, or trips, are in the cards every winter, I’m totally game for a few chilly months.

Quick recap: We stayed at The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe for the first few days, rang in the New Year with champagne & watched the fireworks… Super relaxed & laid back!

The next day, I learned how to ski at Northstar and then the day after I ATE IT at Heavenly, LOL.

Tahoe for NYE 2015 on joyfetti.com_view of Northstar from Ritz Carlton

[ Northstar from our Ritz-Carlton suite ]

That wasn’t the magical part. ; )

Here’s the backstory: We went on greens & easy blues at Northstar… I learned how to “pizza” & move my hips, and built some confidence… & then we went to Marriott’s Timber Lodge the rest of the trip to ski Heavenly ( which was DREAMY!!! 😍😍😍 ).

So it’s my second day of skiing—ever—we go on the California side & do a bunch of blues & then we take a little break on the mountain to have chili & Stellas ( my favorite beer ). We go on one more, quick slope on the California side, and then head to the Nevada side so we can get back on the gondola before it closes.

Here’s where it gets interesting… 🙈

This thoughtful, Heavenly employee tells us we only have 10 minutes to get down to the gondola…

No problem. Right?



Did I mention I’m a newbie?

We end up going on blues I had no business being on, I tumble down like a roly poly ( LOL, twice! ), and take SO long getting down to the gondola, we miss it. And all the lifts are closed.


We end up going down the ENTIRE mountain, ourselves. Very, VERY, slowly.


We take so long the Heavenly team gets down at the same time we do 😂😂😂 ( but they whizz down! Some with pups—super, super cute! )

All in all, it made for a good story, and no one got hurt, except my ego… LOL. ; )

But, I’m actually really happy with how I did. Now that I’ve had a little break, I’m ready to hit the slopes again! ; )

For me, skiing was WAY more enjoyable and intuitive than snowboarding, which I did in high school but never well, LOL. So I’m definitely sticking with the skis!

What do you prefer: skiing or snowboarding?

Tahoe for NYE 2015 on joyfetti.com_skis and snowboard
[ On the lift… Trying really hard not to drop my cell phone. ; ) More on IG ]

Tahoe for NYE 2015 on joyfetti.com_Heavenly sunset

[ Heavenly, from my iPhone—more on IG ]

Tahoe for NYE 2015 on joyfetti.com_Heavenly
[ Gorgeous Heavenly!!! 😍😍😍 via iPhone, more on IG ]

Also, a quick ‘lil food/drink reco if you’re heading to South Lake Tahoe…?

Base Camp Pizza!!

OH. MY. GOD. It’s like I died & went to heaven. LOL. Let me tell you: Before I went, I heard SO many great things about their Thai Chicken Pizza—& you know how sometimes when you finally have something you’ve been hearing such great things about for so long it’s kind of a let down… Like what was all the hype about? NOPE. NOT HERE. You’ll be SO satisfied! I had their pizza ONE NIGHT & all of a sudden, it still hits me: I want need Thai Chicken Pizza. Specially, from Base Camp! ( I have this same feeling about The Sea‘s hamachi shots & salmon… SO GOOD!! ).

This trip also gave me some outfit ideas for Tahoe, so stay tuned for that this week.

XX! Chat soon.


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Cozy up for winter

Hey, hey! Happy 2018! How was your NYE?

We had a really fun night at our friends’ place in SF with tons of apps, a taco bar, & lots of drinks. LOTS of them.

Yesterday was rough, to say the least.

But today was much better—I even powered through a morning workout before work. So we’re off to a good start here ; )

For some reason I have this weird, completely bizarre feeling that winter ends when January starts, which is definitely not accurate. Lol we’re barely 2 weeks into winter. & I’m curled up under a huge throw right now, eating soup.

So here are some cool finds that’ll definitely keep you cozy through winter.

First up, BLANKETS!! Specifically, faux fur throws because they scream cozy, winter vibes. Plus they look super cute as decor. & you can also use them in your flat lays… Very versatile ; )

A mug is definitely a winter staple.

I’ve been very into tea lately—I love winding down with it at night. Oh & I use this straw, to prevent staining on my teeth.

Another winter staple, that’ll definitely help you stay warm, especially if you’re going on a ski trip: a beanie. This one is super cute. Same with this white one.

SNOW BOOTS!! This first time I went to Tahoe with Arrash I noticed these boots everywhere (& they look so cute in an outfit) so I googled them & found them online. This pair is super cute!

P.S. talking about shoes… These slippers **heart eye emoji** I’m totally eyeing these. Don’t they just scream comfort?

I picked up this candle at Whole Foods before the holidays and I’m absolutely OBSESSED with it. It has a super cozy feel to it.

I’m off to drink some more peppermint tea & wind down for bed. Sweet dreams! xx


More cozy feels:

My ONE Goal for 2017

[ Mug | Pretty embroidery on this maxi dress ]

[ Monogram mug | metal strawsweater ]

Can you believe it’s almost 2017? GAH!

I can’t believe it!

I stumbled across this video by Tony Robbins the other day and I feel like it’s spot on with how to create happiness and reach your New Year’s Resolutions / goals ( so obviously I have to share it with you. It’s too good not to! )

Basically, Tony says it comes down to creating PROGRESS by creating new HABITS.

And for me, specifically, it also comes down to FOCUS.

I’m really ( REALLY! ) terrible at following the principle of “The ONE Thing“. But I believe in it… & it’s something I’m working on.

So this year, I’m focusing on ONE goal and ONE habit ⇢ fitness, working out every morning.

If you want to have an awesome year ( & why wouldn’t you? ), DEFINITELY check out this video—think about one area in your life you’d like to make better & what habit will help you get there… Help you make progress. I think you’ll love the video!

Tony shares his 4 steps for making progress towards the end of the video so I made a little cheat-sheet for us ( below ) to refer back to / pin.

If you guys go through Tony’s process ( or even if you don’t ) I’d LOVE to hear what your 2017 goals are. LOL I’m totally serious… I’ve asked / talked about 2017 goals with my boyfriend & his sister so many times now, it’s kind of become a joke.

But, I REALLY want to know. I love this stuff! So shoot me an email ( ), comment below or on Instagram, or tweet me… However you’d like. I’d love to hear from you! : )

[ monogram mug | metal straw | white bralette | navy sweater ]

Switching gears for a moment, I want to give a shout out to for sending me this super comfy, huge ( just the way I wanted, LOL ) navy sweater & this maxi dress ( both pictured above ).

I’ve been snuggled up in this sweater all day & probably will be for a good chunk of winter. I’m definitely packing it for our next Tahoe trip!

I feel like baggy sweaters are a staple during winter. Don’t you think? Especially solids. I love solids!

Okay… I’m going to bed so I can wake up early-ish ( LOL ) and go to the gym in the morning & run. Wish me luck ; )


I hope you have a safe & amazing NYE!


[ source ]

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My DIY “Sick Tea” ( you’ll love this! )


[ “do your BEST” mug found here ]

Being sick is never fun, especially during the summer and holidays, & for some reason, I always get sick around NYEThis year I didn’t because apparently I saved it for summer ; )

I got a cold / cough about 2 weeks ago & thought I could shake it off with some Tylenol & Advil. But when it didn’t go away after a few days I remembered this AMAZING tea I made myself last year when I got sick during the holidays ( as usual )

I love it because it’s delicious AND it works.

It eased my throat as soon as I started drinking it & helped me go to sleep so I could finally get better.

But really, the health benefits of this tea are so insane I’m thinking about having it every night.

So… What’s in it?

It’s super simple: just honey, lemon, & grated ginger. That’s it—easy, right?

JOYFETTI DIY %22Sick Tea%22_flat lay, mug, lemon and

Here’s why it works:

We’ve already covered the health benefits of having lemon ( soothing a sore throat is one of them! ) so let’s chat about the benefits of honey & ginger… Sound good? Let’s start with ginger.


+ fights the flu / common cold
+ helps relieve a sore throat
+ kills rhinoviruses, which cause colds in the first place
+ helps with digestion ( & reduces gas )
+ reduces nausea, especially morning sickness
+ reduces pain, including menstrual cramps, headaches, joint pain & stiffness
+ keeps your brain sharp as you age
+ lowers your risk of infections ( it’s especially effective against the oral bacteria that’s linked to inflammatory gum diseases like gingivitis )
+ lowers cholesterol levels
+ & it’s anti-inflammatory properties help reduce muscle pain caused by exercise

LONGGGG list, right? It also increases energy and promotes a healthy complexion & hair, and an overall lower weight. I’m thinking I need to have ginger all day, everyday—sick or not sick. Okay, let’s take a look at honey…


+ reduces cough & throat irritation ( YES! ) & helps fight off a cold
+ helps regulate blood sugar levels ( artificial sweeteners & white sugar DO NOT! )
+ increases athletic performance & provides a quick boost of energy for your workout ( yes, please! )
+ promotes beautiful skin
+ promotes brain health
+ acts as a natural sleep aid
+ & is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal

Basically I should have this tea every night, right? ; )

JOYFETTI DIY %22Sick Tea%22_flat lay,

Here’s how to make JOYFETTI DIY “Sick Tea”

You need:

+ Freshly squeezed lemon juice ( I use 1/2 – 1 lemon )
+ Honey
+ Freshly grated ginger


Add lemon juice, honey & freshly grated ginger to HOT water. & ENJOY!

JOYFETTI DIY %22Sick Tea%22_flat

JOYFETTI DIY %22Sick Tea%22_flat lay, lemon and


If you make this at home, let me know how you like it. I’d love to hear!

Also, if you have any tips for getting rid of a cold / fever, PLEASE share. I need to be prepared for NYE 2017 ; )


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[ So obsessed with this mug… Isn’t it cute!? ]

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Bikinis… Because Hot Tubs!!

Bikinis_because hot

ViX Swimwear ‘Zebra’ Side Tie Brazilian Bikini BottomsViX Swimwear ‘Zebra’ Triangle Bikini Top | Frankies Bikinis Kaia Bottom in Denim BlueFrankies Bikinis Kaia Top in Denim Blue

Hi Loves!

Happy bikini season!! Almost? ; )

I feel like it’s always bikini season-ish because even when it’s cold out, you can hot tub! Like in Tahoe! ; )

So I had to share these two SUPER cute, flattering bikinis with you.

The first set is super fun & versatile and the bottoms have a “scrunch butt”—which I LOVE. Scrunch butts really flatter the bum (don’t you think?) I just ordered this set online (Nordy… I love you) & guess what… The bottoms are 35% OFF—YESSS!

The second set doesn’t have a scrunch butt, but trust me, you’ll love both the top & the bottoms. I’ve had this set for a while now (in different colors… Polka dot top (sold out—similar here) & mint bottoms) & I wear them all the time. It’s been my go-to bikini lately.

What are your favorite bikinis? LMK below or comment on Instagram—because you can never have too many bikinis! ; )

XO! <3,

Insane Chocolate Covered Gogi Berries You Have to Try!

Himalania chocolate covered goji berries and chia seeds on joyfetti.com_close up

Himalania chocolate covered goji berries and chia seeds on joyfetti.com_goji berries

[Little bits of heaven…]

& not just gogi berries—chia seeds too!

I’m obsessed with superseeds… I add them to my smoothies, PB&Jfake 3-ingredient pancakes… basically anything I can think of adding them to, I do, and I even like them in my chips (LOL). Chips with superseeds just sounds healthier… Right? Like there’s less guilt involved? ; )

So imagine my excitement when I spotted these dark (YUMMY!) chocolate covered goji berries and chia seeds in Safeway. (I also spotted them at Whole Foods a few weeks later, but no shocker there!)

Himalania chocolate covered goji berries and chia seeds on joyfetti.com_goji berries and anthropologie bowl

Basically, I’ve been snacking on these chocolate covered goji berries like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve already gone through 3 packs—but I shared, I promise! ; )

The chocolate covered chia seeds are still sitting pretty in their bag, & I’m planning to use them instead of sprinkles… Maybe on a little nana ice cream recipe? YES!

Himalania chocolate covered goji berries and chia seeds on joyfetti.com_chia seeds and anthropologie bowl

So, do yourself a favor… Hop into the car, drive to the supermarket & grab yourself a bag (or two!) of dark chocolate goji berries (or order them online, here—SO easy!). You won’t be disappointed.

I mean, if you’re gonna snack on chocolate, it might as well have some benefits, right?

BTW, heading to Tahoe later tonight, so follow along on Instagram & Snapchat (Username ⇢ JOYFETTI) for some pretty, snow pics! I can’t wait to get back on the slopes.

Happy Weekend!

XO! <3,

Himalania chocolate covered goji berries and chia seeds on joyfetti.com_flat lay

Himalania chocolate covered goji berries and chia seeds on joyfetti.com_chia seeds

Himalania chocolate covered goji berries and chia seeds on joyfetti.com_chia seeds package

Himalania chocolate covered goji berries and chia seeds on joyfetti.com_plants

Ski Trip Must-Haves, going out for dinner/drinks

HI GUYS! Happy Monday!

Hopefully you have a fun ski trip to look forward to.

If you do, here are two outfits for going out for dinner/drinks &/or s’mores (YUM). I wore these two while in Tahoe for NYE & I absolutely loved them! Super comfy AND cute.

Side note ⇢ If you’re going to South Lake Tahoe, I HIGHLY recommend going to Basecamp Pizza for dinner/drinks (recos on what to order here)—& please, bring me back an order of their Thai Chicken Pizza (LOL). Thanksssss! ; )

LOOK 1: Burberry Brit Camel ‘Finsdale’ Wool Duffle Coat | Zella Black ‘Live In’ Slim Fit Leggings | Dark Grey V-Neck Cashmere Sweater | Sorel Black Tofino Boot | Tiffany Gold Hammered Skinny Ring | Tiffany Gold Mini Double Heart Tag Pendant Necklace | Burberry Red ‘Giant Check’ Cashmere Scarf | Softlips Vanilla Chapstick

LOOK 2: Joe’s Dark Skinny Jeans | Black Long V-Neck Cotton Tee | Hunter Black ‘Original Tall’ Rain Boot | Hunter Black Tall Cardigan Knit Cuff Welly Socks | Ray-Ban Gold/Blue ‘Original Aviators’ Sunglasses | The North Face Black Etip Gloves | Eddie Bauer Black MicroTherm StormDown Hooded Jacket

I’m still a newbie when it comes to ski trips (HAHA), so please, if you have recos on what to wear/where to go, comment below. Sharing is caring. ; ) xx!